LAGAAN : 11 Years of THE epic

Its time. Again. 
Its the LAGAAN anniversary. 11 years and still, the impact is so strong, this, has to be the best movie in my entire life. And how, can I break this ritual, to post about LAGAAN on its release day?? The ritual, that is started by the biggest fan of the film - theBollywoodFan.

This time, I won't go much in detail but recommendation to watch and read The Spirit of LAGAAN. One of the very first in history of Indian cinema, and undoubtedly the BEST of the lot. Written and Directed by Satyajit Bhatkal (yes the same guy who's directing Satyamev Jayate). The book and the documentary are undoubtedly, rare gems that you must keep in your collections.

Putting up in few words, the book itself is so absorbing that in the first chapter itself, it made me cry - I was so overwhelmed by the fact, the description of how the premiere took place at a small theatre in city of Bhuj, Gujarat. How the rains started when they won the match. Oh man, I can go on with my gibberish write up, but DO NOT miss this book. Even if you are not a bookworm. (Please do read this 'gignatic' write up on the book by Ashwin Kumar)

And, the documentory. Chale Chalo : The Lunacy of Film Making The story, behind the greatest story ever told. From the concept stage, to the climax, and then after. Satyajit Bhatkal documents everything on screen so seamlessly, that it feels like you are living the story. And after watching this, you fall in love with the LAGAAN all over again. More and more. Need more recommendation? Here's a post by theBollywoodFan, to convince you more. 

Tell me your own experiences with these two masterpieces. 

And, here are my old posts celebrating this epic :

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