Shanghai : Movie Review

Politics - even this word irks me a lot. And on the other hand, Cinema is the word I love like anything else. And when both of them get together, it always confuses me. Same thing happened with me in this Political Thriller directed by Dibakar Banerjee. Shanghai - a story of 5 lives, with background of politics and how that dirty thing plays with lives of all five of them. 

DB does great job depicting a bustling city of Bharat Nagar, that is often dark and mostly lively. Its Pitobash who gets all attention during the first half an hour. Until you meet Jogi. Jogi Parmar the 'media person' of Bharat Nagar, played by Emraan Hashmi. His, is the best performance in this movie. Even, he leaves (my favorite) Abhay Deol behind when it comes to grabbing attention. Yes, Abhay's character was confusing. Also, underplaying was necessary, still, somehow I feel something was missing there. Don't know why. Prosenjit's character is something I felt, would have been awesome if it had longer screen time. (despite the face, it had to be that short).  Oh, and yes, very happy to see Farooq Sheikh on screen again. Talking about Kalki, ah well, to be frank, there wasn't much for her in this movie except running here and there. Why DB? 

And there, I have complaint for the director. It gets repetitive while tackling issue of the leading lady.   No doubt, the movie takes interesting turn later in second half, but that's too late.  Till then, the slow pace already does its job. But still, the movie manages to hold itself because of Emraan and Pitobash. Not to forget bit of humour sprinkled at moments. The climax looks hurried, and doesn't make much impact. A typical resolution is provided while there was a scope for something unusual. 

And despite of those glitches, the movie manages to hold you with it while its going on. And there ARE a few moment that stays with you after leaving the hall. This might not be a cult classic, but definitly worth a watch. 

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