Kaminey : Movie Review ... [No Spoilers !!]

Pulsating thunders run down your veins, whenever the sound comes 'Dhen te nan'. And that too comes so often and every time you go 'Yay!!'. You laugh with it, you get shaken, you get shocked - That's Kaminey. A pulp fiction movie one of its kind in Bollywood.

Take a bow Vishal Bhardwaj, first of all. For making such a fantastic film. Vishal takes seat in various dept. From Story to Screenplay, from Dialogue to Music, from singing to Directing he excels in everything overhere. Yes, not to forget AWEFOME background score, which makes you seat on the edge. Which makes to say GO CHARLIE GO ! Talking about music, just wait for a 'BLASTING' track which is not there in album. I am sure it will BLOW UP your mind. Vishal has served such excellence that you can't minus the effect of everything.

Overall hold of the movie is really comendable. Audience is left for thinking what has just happened. Its like, if you miss a thing or two, it will take really long time to understand whats going on!! Thats where the movie wins. Cause whenever a movie makes ppl think / involve in the story, movie gets connected like nothing else can do. First half is full of such moment, where for me too-it took little time to understand some scenes. And Vishal did this without any worries that people would understand this or not. From the very first frame, first scene, sequences change at lightning speed, twists come at dizzy pace and unexpected shocks do come suddenly. Now thats what i call Bang On!!!

Mumbai has never wore such grungy look in just any movie. Cinematographer Tassaduq Hussain uses finer details of Old Ruined structures of Mumbai. So you can see an abandoned train coach as Charlie's house. You can see old godowns and narrow chawls of Mumbai. Rain, which comes without warning. Local trains and scene involving it. In short, Mumbai looks so much Kamina and I loved it. During my last visit, I got to see some 'real' mumbai. As shown in this movie, the abandoned places, godowns, chawls everything. I enjoyed going such places, and thought how about some arty thing happen around here? Vishal must've heard that. Also the brilliant camera work helps a lot. All frames are shot like it is shot with hand held camera.with extraneous movement, which makes movie look so stylish.

As told earlier, the film moves so fast, that you have to get glued, not even take your popcorn. Action is mind blowing-literally. Especially the Finale blew up my mind completely. Shyam Kaushal has done entirely great work to make the action sequences look so real. And the fast pace is also dedicated to super sharp editing of Megna Manchanda Sen !! Bravo Girl, Go!

As far as music goes, its alreay hit with all. And its really good OST too. The songs are integrated well to move the story forward. None of the tracks used in whole, but the bits and pieces of music serves perfectly.

Performances.....what can I say? This movie shall be a textbook. Textbook for all to learn how to perform your character so seamlessly. Starting from supporting cast-Mikhail [Chandan Roy Sanyal] catches instant attention. As a buddy of Charlie [Shahid] he has got such a meaty role. He is mad mad guy. scenes of him are highlight of the movie. And by that I come to Bhope Bhau [Amol Gupte]. Surprised I am. Just can't believe this is the same guy who wrote TZP. He's funny as well as kewl as a wannabe Netaji.

Turning to main leads, Priyanka is revelation. She is getting awesome movie by movie, and here she broke all records. As a Marathi Mulgi 'Sweety' she's such an amazing performer throughout the movie. Outspoken, Marathi speaking girl who can do things so fast that poor Guddu [Shahid] just can't digest so easily. And she shoots [literally] her gun so proficiently, making even Bhope Bhau think twice before taking panga with her. Love love Loved this role. Rocking !! She makes one really go ROFL at many points with her true Marathi accent and 'raw'ness in dialogue delivery. Also she's got some funky lines that surely goes well with audience.

And Shahid..O Shahid!! This is your dream role.Tussi chhaa gaye ho bhai!! Take Shahid out of the movie, and nothing is left. With so much ease he performs Good and Evil. Guddu and Charlie. Brothers who hasn't even seen each other since 3 years. And when they meet......:) Just watch out for that scene..... Both Sweety and Guddu shares great chemistry together. Loved their smooooooch. [yeah]. And their cute fights. While I felt pity for Charlie, who does not have girl to fool around :P. Finally Shahid looks 'mature' in a movie. And I can easily say he would rock in Action movies, given such direction.

Lastly, the movie has one of the BEST climax I have ever seen in recent times. Till now it is echoing in my mind. But yes, you can enjoy this only on BIG screen otherwise it won't look that good in LCD/Plasma tv, or whatever. ;-)

My Rating : 4.5 / 5

Fav Scenes : PC+SK at camp, Charlie+Guddu, Bope+Tope, Climax, Flashbacks

Gonna Rewatch?? : Yef. Yef. Abfolutely.

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  1. I can't contain my excitement any longer! I want to watch Kaminey right NOW! But hell, I have to wait until Sunday. It's Assam bandh again tomorrow...sucks :-(

    Shahid Kapoor rocks! I hope this movie gives him super stardom...the guy deserves it man! FATAK!!!

  2. Even I was going mad cause I had to go in 3rd show rather than 1st. But it was worth the wait, and it paid. Looking forward to read your views on this. And heck, yeah, Shahid is getting it Fuperb. Advise from his Dad surely worked here.

  3. Wow..! I am so much excited to watch this movie and after reading this, anyone will feel the same.. Hope Shahid gets some good recognition.

  4. Yeah, I m completely up for Shahid. Finally he is getting all recognition.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

  5. Yogesh Singhania06:13

    its a shitty movie,waste of money ,time.....people are saying u need brain to watch such type of movie,,,but can anyone tell that do we go movie for entertainment and relaxation of mind or for an experience like solving a complicated maths problem.Vishal bharadwaj has made the movie too complicated with its crap bengali marathi hindi mixed language.and a poor direction...u will come out with a headache from theatre after watching this movie....i bet.

  6. Prakash06:14

    This is what I also feel.The movie is more hype than anything.

  7. @Yogesh @Prakash
    Seems you have quite contradictory views out there. Nice to know that still someone disliked the movie. Though I have this assumption that the movie will not go great with all. And you proved it right.

    Thanks for reading the post. Hoping to see you around. Cheers!!

  8. While I don't think the movie was "shitty" I actually agree that the film was too complex to be effective. I'm going to put up my review later but for now, I'll just say that while I enjoyed each scene as it was happening, the film played too much like a series of vignettes rather than a collected whole. By the end I didn't really care about any of the characters and just wanted the final scene to hurry up already.

  9. I completely agree with your review. I saw it first day, first show and all I can say is WOW! Shahid was great, Priyanka was flawless, and the movie FUPER! Anyways, good review! :)

  10. Thanks Parveen, and welcome to my blog. WOW in capital is THE word. Both the leads are excellent, thats all I can say :)

  11. unfortunately i'll have to watch it on a plasma screen, its not at a cinema near me:0(

  12. Oh...okay, but do watch with FULL VOLUME...:) DHEN TE NAN...

  13. I also will need to wait until it's available to bring home! However, your review has amped up my initial thoughts and will now wait as patiently as I can to see it. Oh how I wish I lived near a cinema!

  14. Thanks. Would love to read your thoughts. And same case happened with DevD in UK. I m surprised movies are still not getting its reach.

  15. Agree completely! Its one of the best movies to come out this year. Shahid is on his way to superstardom :)

    If you get the time please check out my review too : http://shaludhyani.blog.co.in/2009/08/18/my-movie...

  16. Shahid is a star now!! I hope he will choose and get some nice roles after this. thanks for the link. and welcome to my blog. I will check out ur post soon.

  17. I loved Blue Umbrella and all others bu Bhardwaj until now, but I didn't like Kaminey as much, and I so agree with Filmi Girl's review of it.

  18. Hi, Amrita, Welcome to my blog. Vishal has been consistently
    delivering excellence on screen. I think each of his work is so
    different to each other yet brilliant. Though some points of Filmi
    Girl's views are valid for me, but still, Kaminey worked for me quite

  19. Yogesh Singhania06:24

    Filmi Girl is absolutely correct....and i think all of her points are valid Darshit.....The movie was too complex to be effactive, what she said and thats what me and my friends think of the movie....

  20. lovely veview!

  21. tHank you aalampanah.

  22. Pradosh06:25

    The movie was more complex tthan your average Dostana maybe, but it wasnt a head scratcher. According to me it failed to surprise the viewer ....

    Unlike Omkara, there was no sucker punch anywhere in the movie - where you go "WOW !!". You sort of know half an hour before how it is going to end .... which I think was a big failing for the movie. The least he could have done was killed off the good guys and let some loser bad guy walk off with the money saying "Is duniya mein Kaminey hi sab le jaate hai" or something ...

  23. Great movie. A recommended to watch.
    Somehow this movie resembles the movies of Priyadarshan - coming together of various groups together at the climax & the chaos. The only difference is that it is not a comedy.

  24. Shantanu
    Oh, that I felt while watching the movie itself. Priyadarshan has mastered that mob havoc at the end of all of his recent movies. But again, this has really great ending. Especiallly the background score.


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