Love Aaj Kal : Movie Review

The movie I was so desperate to see. And I was going nuts, when its gonna release, when?? And there I was, today, watching 'Love Aaj Kal', Director Imtiaz Ali's latest flick. The master of mushy movies which touches your heart. It was really tough for me to put all Jab We Met Expectations aside, cause being my most re-watched movie [after KKHH and RDB], JWM is kinda such a gem I can not forget ever. And that reflected in my music review of LAK too. Where I somewhere expected much like former, and despite of being a good soundtrack, I rated only 3 stars !! So while going to watch the movie, I tried really hard to put both the movies, JWM and SNT aside and went with blank mindset.

*Light spoiler alert. The plot is somewhat revealed, but not the scenes and execution*

Love Aaj Kal, talks about modern day relationships. Relationships me and all of you out there of this generation, must be living, or have lived. Bonding, break up and stuff. Its a story about us. When career comes first, and popcorn love comes next after it. One can't realize when it exists and when it gets realized, it exits. [sounds familiar, isn't it?] Yes, its a story, told quite often times. Most recently JTYJN did traveled to same territory. But when Imtiaz is doing, things are different then it seems.

Add to this, Veer Singh- a sweet Sardar, Played by Rishi Kapoor, who makes protagonist realize about lvoe, by telling his own story, the part I [and most of the viewers] loved so much. A story which runs simultaneously to the narration of modern love story, which which makes movie worth to fill in the space whenever 'dullness' is supposed to come. Rishi is fabulous again after his two movies early this year. Loving all his such short roles.

Love Kal : [love yesterday] Thoughts

What makes this movie worth, is this track. The old time love story of Rishi Kapoor, younger one played by Saif - with beard and turban :) Who is chasing his love Harleen Kaur played by Giselle Monteiro. Chemistry of both of them is just so excellent, I wouldn't name any situation, but each and every little moment of both of them, are treat to watch. What is more surprising, is that they share only one scene facing each other and having a dialogue. Still when they talk with eyes, especially the girl, I can die over the chemistry. Imtiaz's favorite prop- Train is used amazingly in all these moments. Loved it.

Love Aaj: [love today] Thoughts

Coming back to Aaj, Saif and Deepika tries hard to look so much in chemistry but they fall flat. Still, what is in favor of both is that their relationship is having trouble from the second scene itself. So that we can get convinced about 'odd' feeling Meera [Deepika] is having, while with Jai [Saif]. Imtiaz's trademark, 'fun' and peppy mushy moments are quite apt. But when Deepika tries to act, I shout at her. She fails miserably. She's okay when she only has to smile. Actually there is one line Saif Says, 'Just smile, that will flatter anyone'. Ah ....well. I said it already saif. :) Still Imtiaz manages by sprinkling some worthy cute moments, like long distance calling and all. And those small somethings are really nice.

Saif is flawless, and he carries the movie on himself. If I would use JWM here, he is male 'Geet' here. He goes all chutter putter blah blah blah over most of his length of role. and most of the times Meera only listens to him [thank God, that's most relief] Cause its a universal truth by far, that Deepika can't act. So Imtiaz did manage things by this. I remember one scene, while at airport she talks to Rishi Kapoor, one clearly marks how 'HARD' she tries to 'ACT' in that scene, it was almost laughable expression. #fail :) Even the debutant Giselle as Harleen, does fantastic job. Fantastic. [reading Deeps darling??]

But full marks to Salim-Suleiman for the background score, that served excellently to overshadow her skills. [huh...what's that :P ] In one scene, when she comes out of chauffeur driven car and talks to Jai on phone, I nearly went into tears. No, not by her act, but overall effect created by score. Or was is Deepika???? Even the excellent 'tissue paper' teary climax, it was clearly the song 'Dooriyan' which made my tears come out. And also Saif...O Saif..You are too good. What are you doing there? I wished that was Bebo with you :(

Enough said about the actors. Surprisingly the movie hardly features parents of both characters. Thats Fab !! for a hindi movie. And in flashback mode, on of the parents serves as sweet surprise. Like it Liked it.

Imtiaz has tried his best to make it a charming romance. Though there are some traces visible of 'Socha Na Tha', but that's good. . But clever he is, how he used flashback. It fills up cavities in plot. But somewhere 'the engagement' with viewers is lacking. For such well written role of Meera, he should have taken more experienced actress. No complaints with the cast besides her. Cinematography is so lovely. Loved each scene in Sepia colors. So is editing. Quite good. The movie wraps is all in 2.25 Hours !! Though my complaints with the dialogues dept. Which could have been much sharper, rather then being lengthy here. How can one forget Geet and Aditya's conversations in JWM??

As far as music goes, I confess that I am loving the soundtrack-more now. Earlier JWM affected my views. But after watching the movie, I am loving the tracks. Though my fav track Yeh Dooriyan and 'Ajj Din Chadeya'; have been nicely used; Main Kya Hoon is perfect. But I loved most are 'Chor Bazaari' : Such a Fun to watch lovely Delhi spirit. Deepika looks so much in tune with Saif, and choreography is just so mad mad fun. I want to learn the steps right now !! And another song 'Thoda Thoda Pyar' was a treat to watch just because of Saif. He was just hilarious in the song. So is Harleen Kaur :D.

Well, all said then. It was fun to watch Saif playing confused twenty something guy who don't want to commit relationship - ala Salam Namaste. But this time, screenplay and execution is not 'that' good, that makes this one such memorable for long time. Blame it on chemistry may be. There my worries goes tru about it. Sigh..Imtiaz...will you remake this pleeease? With Sonam or Soha paired up with Abhay Deol [Just so perfect guy for such role...See Below :P ]

My Rating : 3 / 5
Favorite Scenes : Chauffeur Driven Car+Deepika, Kaali Chai & Mithai, Saif's realization, Climax at Old Fort.

Gonna Rewatch?? : Yes..Yes, definitely.


  1. You cried in the climax!?:D I thought the climax was so ordinary..nothing special at all. I guess my expectations from Hindi cinema is at an all time high this year! ;-)

    I liked Veer-Harleen's story and the 'chaai-mithai' scene in Kolkata was really very sweet. But the story wasn't original and that's why I liked it, not loved it. :D

    Oh and Deepika can't act saala!!!

  2. Sonam and Abhay Deol would make a good on-screen couple here..well noted :-)

  3. I like the idea of Abhay in the main role, but Saif's ability at playing the kind but confused "everyman" made him a good fit, I thought. I agree that the soundtrack is better in situ, though I still don't love it. Good call about the colors in the flashback - very charming!

  4. Bhargav

    Well, Kuch Kuch hota hai, Bhargav, tum nahi samjhoge . LOL. Actually, I m emotionally attached to the storyline. [similar past I have lived, dooriyaan] So there I couldn't help. And despite Deepika's weird expressions in that scene, song made it impressive, equally Saif too.

    Veer-Harleen are the one for whom I am gonna re-watch this today evening. :) It wan't much original, but well... LoL to Deepka can;t ...


    Oh, Saif was superb as I noted in post. I like all of his such acts post DCH. This one I find little bit identical with Salam Namaste, which I liked because of him only.

    Soundtrack is growing on me after watching the movie. I think its visuals which makes it listening again. Especially, Harleen-Veer's song or Harleen's fabulous dance song. And funky Chor Bazari. Fun.

  5. Hmm i thought the Meera character wasn't well written and even if Imtiaz had used a more seasoned actress i would have felt the same about the Meera character. Deepika might still have a long way to go, she was plucked from being a model and in all honesty she has been casted in most movies so far because of her beauty, i won't criticise her acting heavily as the directors know what they're playing at themselves, i'm sure and i hope she'll get better with time, as i like her as a person

    Good point about the movie not featuring both characters parents, very different Nah

  6. Anonymous07:51

    Deepika is the same in every movie.
    She just cannot act.

  7. Okay, everyone is loving the soundtrack, I have to listen now

  8. I really wanted to see this, and I probably still will despite the mixed reviews.

    Oh, and huge congrats go out to you on your engagement!

  9. BollywoodDeewana

    Now that's an interesting observation. Though I have not seen Meera's character that way, I need to focus on that in my re-watch. But I still think, its only Deeps who made this movie little sloppy.

    Hah, she was different in OSO though. She did act. No?

    Ahh, its fun soundtrack, i liked it more after watching the movie.

    Yes, I always do that. Whenever there are mixed reviews coming, I couldn't resist but watch the movie.

    Thank you, thank you very much for wishes.

  10. Personally I thought Love Aaj Kal was horrible and, although there were like maybe 20 minutes of fun footage, I didn't like the overall movie. It was a plain love story with no base with an added flashback love story and more kissing.

  11. Skipped this in the theater because of your rating and the cast, but I'll definitely get the DVD as soon as it is released.

    And I agree with your music rating, although I can barely listen to it any more. That's a neat approach, by the way, with songs by Pritam and background score by Salim-Sulaiman (like their music a lot more).

    Cheers buddy!

  12. Bollywood Rocks
    Aww...its the flashback which I loved the most. And some kissing...:P its okay yaar.. But yes, there was less fun and more serious moments, ppl did not expected this after JWM. But I was okay with it.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Oh...the cast !!! LOL. I think Imtiaz needed to put a survey on his facebook before casting 'this' pairing :) And for DVD, i don't think you need to wait much. It must be getting printed right now somewhere in a Moser Baer Unit.

    You are right about music though. Its just I wanted to revive some moments from the film, so was listening to it a few days after watching the movie. And give me Salim-Sulaiman anytime. They are fantastic.

  13. Anonymous12:14

    Well the movie is just one time entertainment movie... sound track are definitely very nice.

    Even i liked the love story of harleen & veer singh... amazing.

    A friend of mine have written about it in Batchmates Times.. Check out:

  14. Anonymous

    Welcome. Soundtracks grown on me after watching the movie. And yes, the 'old' story is fantastic. Thanks for the link, heading towards it now.

  15. "chutter putter blah blah"

    rofl!! :-D


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