Wake Up Sid....tell me - What's Your Raashee???

Was busy busy busy with me, and my life. As most of you know through my Tweets, that I just have got Engaged with my girl. So life had been on fast track. Now it has paused and I am enjoying a letter from alphabet-that's 'W'. Yup, being a music lover, its a treat for me that two very good soundtracks released simultaneously last week. Wake Up Sid by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Amit Trivedi and What's Your Raashee? by Sohail Sen.. Both make it a really good listening with fresh bunch of tracks. Here's my take on both of them.

Wake Up Sid :

A K.Jo. production and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy [SEL]; who can overlook this? Peppy Title Track is fun to hum along. And similarly upbeat version of the same is quite good to play aloud. SEL seems to be in DCH mood and fab lyrics by Javed ji. 'Kya Karoon' has fresh feel with equally fresh voice of Clinton Cerejo, is quite youthful. Next track is a clear reminiscent of 'Kaisi Hai Yeh Rut' from DCH-Aaj Kal Zindgi is a trademark Shankar Mahadevan song, where he goes flipping between high and low pitch so so smoothly. A dreamy uplifting track. Last track 'Life is Crazy' has soft rock flavor. Good one to hangout with friends together.

Besides such nice tracks, the clear winner from album is 'Iktara'. One of the best example of perfect composition with guitar strings and classical sound mixed together. The track is stuck in mind since so many days. The refrain 'Goonja saa hai ektara' and 'hmmm...naino ko moond moond' is keep humming in my mind. Brilliant composition by Amit Trivedi and haunting voices of Kavita Seth & Amitabh Bhattacharya makes this one of the best track of the year.

What's Your Raashee ?

Frankly speaking, when I heard the soundtrack of What's Your Raashee, composed by Sohail Sen, I didn't like it quite much. May be its because of its an 'Ashutosh Gowarikar' production, so naturally I was thinking about 'Magnus Opus' as usual. But I forgot that Ashu had came up with mainstream like 'Baazi' too. And also I didn't know wht the movie is all about. After all this, and repeated listening, I quite liked the OST.
Jazzy title track starts of the album very well with fresh voice of Sohail Sen himself, but loved his voice in very next lovely song 'Jaao Naa'. A perfect song to make your loved one stay with you on those 'chori chori' mulakat. Funky 'Aaja Lehraate' sets you on fast beat. Next track surprises you with Sohail Sen singing again, and this time a much 'thehrav' wala song. 'Bikhri Bikhri' is one of my favorite from album. Sound of Tabla makes this lovely.

While 'Manunga Manunga' sung by Ashutosh himself is fun but situational track, yet another fabulous song is on the way after that as 'Sau Janam'. Mush content goes high as Madhushree, Sohail and Udit Narayan gives voice to this lovely composition with soft rock bits. After Ashu, its his sister Aslesha who also tries her hand at singing, her 'Aa le Chal' is quite peppy foot tapping track. Sohail is unstoppable with another beautiful song 'Pyaari Pyaari' with Alka Yagnik. Its a quite 90's song but good listen.

Gujju!!! Me!! Yay ! A gujju song for Priyanka Chopra!! So how can I overlook it? 'Su Chhe' is really a fun fun song. Bela Shende does nice job for this fun track. BTW 'Su chhe su chhe mane kai dyo, kai dyo mann maa su chhe' translates as ' What's there, what's there, in your mind, tell me tell me'

'Salone Kya' is Arabian kinda song with 'Shudh Hindi' lyrics. While 'Dhadkan' sounds situational, may be a wedding song. Another 'seems wedding' song is 'Koi Jaane Naa' another favorite of mine. Would be interesting to see climax with this song.

All musicians these days come up with remix tracks of most of the tracks from the album, just to fill up the CDs. But here, Sohail Sen has done quite innovative job in concluding track 'Chehra jo dikhe hain' - where he mixes up all 12 tracks into one, and that too with different lyrics and song. This would be must watch on screen.

Well, so, what are your favorite tracks from both of the albums??


  1. You already know my views on Wake Up Sid's music. I love the soundtrack.

    I haven't quite enjoyed What's Your Raashee's songs yet. Some of them sound outdated to me. But then the visuals might do the trick. I didn't enjoy Aa Le Chal at all but after seeing its promo, I actually like it. So yeah, I'm waiting for the movie to release and then I would pass my judgement on the soundtrack. I hope it works!

  2. Well, as tBF tweeted once, what's your rashee OST is dated yet interesting cause you know its from Ashu, and he will come up with interesting things on screen. Lets hope so. Haven't seen Aa le chal promo yet.

    And yes, Wake up Sid is really refreshing one.

  3. Of the two soundtracks i prefer Whats your rashee so far, i hope Hurman will finally be appreciated in this flick, i particularly like the Aaja lehrate song and the way its been picturised, perhaps i would like the songs of Wake up sid more when i see how they've been picturised

  4. I know you are Lovestory2050 fan :) actually I liked that soundtrack too. And I too am looking fwd to Harman in this one lets see. I do like both soundtracks, its hard to prefer one out of them.

  5. Krishna06:37

    First of all, Many Congratulatons for the engagement!
    Bahut bahut badhayiyaan! :)

    and perhaps Wake up Sid and What's your Rashee. both are little below than the expectations I had, but since I have heard them only once, so I think It may take time when I start liking few of those tracks!

  6. Thank you so much Krishna. Sorry for the delay in reply.

    Humm....i didnt expected much from Wakeup...but Raashee, was high on expectations, which came a bit short., but I am liking it more and more after repeated listening.


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