Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 : Movie Review

Now, this is something - that can define the term 'Worth The Wait'. Perhaps the best sequel any film ever had. (Well, technically, this is not a sequel, but technically, it is #whatever). I am running short of words at the very beginning of this review. Because right now, I am in that overwhelmed state of mind that I can't hear anything else but the gun shots. Can't see anything else but the chases in the busy streets. Anurag Kashyap's Gangs of Wasseypur II delivers more than he promised in the first part. (which I did not liked as much as part 2).

GOW2 is out and out engaging and keeps you glued like anything. Sequence after sequence, shock after shock and twist after twist - and not to forget - the endless queue of new characters. At one point the movie shocks you with its narration that how a new character is introduced that had roots in the first part - root that had nearly neglible screen time in first one. What brilliant screenplay ! Talking more about screenplay, compared to first part this is more fast paced more gripping (maybe, because it has less space for the woman characters - that means less space for 'laundiyabaazi' that hindered first part.) (no doubt that was good, yet it held up somewhere). This time, women are still there, but not as powerful as Nagma and Durga. Being the only one in focus, Huma Qureshi plays a supportive biwi, charms you while occasionally showing Bihari sparks. 

Sparks - there are numerous of them whenever Nawazuddin Siddiqui is on screen. The Faizal Khan eats everyone around with his presence. Proving no six packs, good looks or 'gora' color is mandatory for being a 'hero'. This 'Kaala' saiyaan is definitely worth drool over. Definite - Zeishan Quadri seemed a bit thanda to me. Don't know why but maybe he was written in that way only - underdog. And, the Perpendicular - aha ! what a character ! Brilliant addition of a character to move forward the story. Unbelievable hero-giri of Perpendicular leaves you in awe. From herogiri to villain - the Ramadhir Singh is not much visible in this one. So I missed those aamne-saamne wali ladai** that was the most exciting part of the first film.

But still, there are the moments - the scenes that are weaved together that hardly leaves you disappointed by those little things. Director's cut of course. There is no certain formula - while there is one outrageous killing scenes, there are hilarious ones too (scooter and bike chase ; sabzi mandi and Sultan), and even there are shocking surprises (Kashmir ke seb) and adrenalin rush (outstanding second angle of the opening scene from the first part). Editing - is the key where this part wins hands down. Need I say anything about the music ? Already much has been written by me - but again, music is drivin force in here too. Superb inclusion of Kaala Re and Moora - the tracks I loved the most. Or even Electric Piya, that sounded bit off, was perfect in the movie. And the killer mix of Keh Ke Loonga - a Perfect Climax !! Though 'Aabroo' was a disappointment to me. But anyways, there wasn't much scope too. 

There, I said it in long paragraphs. To cut in short - GOW2 is sharper, faster and more effective than its first part. It leaves everything on your mind, it transports in inside, what is on the screen. A fitting conclusion (?) to one of the best revenge saga ever told. Anurag Kashyap - I bow to thee.

**The only other thing that I missed was : "Kaash, aaj tere bapu zinda hote, to kitna khush hote" - in the end. ;)

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  1. Good Start to Part 2 , acting of Nawazuddin Siddiqui was kool , the movie is tooooo loong and too stretched in the end . Over all a good entertainment . Missed Manoj Bajpai.


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