Ek Tha Tiger : Movie Review

Salman, and his movies. Except some really bad one, I mostly like them. The fan-boy in me, always cheers for his performance, no matter how heavy masala movie it is. But this - is something different. Kabir Khan's Ek Tha Tiger turned out to be a disappointment for me. Despite of having 'Bhai' on board, the 'yrf'ied screenplay kills the experience that could have been quite a ride. 

Starting off slow (after a prolonged 'introductory fight of Tiger), the story takes ages to build up with even more slower mannerism of Tiger, aka Bhai. Sparks are only there when we see Katrina up there with him. And the chemistry of both provides relief in rather dud developments. They are charming to see together. Few lovely moments between the two (like the ball dance on stage) and then, a predictable twist. And interval. You know, what's going to happen next, in second half. 

And exactly, movie goes to that standard route. with some sight seeing of  'phoren' locales. It leave one wondering, what exactly is the story-line. What is the 'spy's mission'. Ah, forget it. You are watching a Yashraj Movie. Better title this as 'Love Story of a spy'. Slow second half is absolutely cringe-worthy with a daredevil spy falling in love so desperately that he might sacrifice his duties instead for his love. Ah..well. Finally, after half an hour into the film and there is some action. A fantastic chase scene, in which, surprisingly, Katrina outshines Salman. Absolute joy to watch her in such mode. The scene, followed by yet another longer chase, made me think 'oh, finally, now the film is on the right track' and voila !! The movie gets over ! Out of no where, a voice over declares the finale. Man !! If this is it, where is the premises, that was shown in the Trailer?

Salman, is as usual, a charmer without any doubt. With all that goofy acts mixed with action and humour. But here, Katrina impresses the most. Wish there could've been far better screenplay, the efforts of all departments would not go wasted. Even in Kabir Khan's previous - New York, all the candy floss was there, but it ran through a concrete story line, that is missing here. 

Final word : Stuff for die hard fans. Kat-Salman chemistry shines in between flawed storytelling, or the lack of it. Ek Tha Tiger, disappoints. Hoping for a better sequel, outside this production house. 

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  1. Diwali20:38

    Now that you saw ETT, you realise how powerful the super star is!!! He's always been that, he has always had the spark and extra edge that no one can match up to. He is first a star yes and then an actor. His stardom is infectious and yes I am infected by it since Maine Pyar Kiya released even though I was only eight years then! The movies you have made fun of and ridiculed have been specifically and specially written for him cause he is an actor of the masses, he caters to an audience of all strata of our society and of all age groups. These films might not have good scripts but can you imagine what Mr. Khan did to these sloppy scripts with just his presence?
    He has it in him, he is for the masses, he is a true entertainer and cheers to him for pulling off even shamefully sloppy roles just by himself! Do not ridicule him because of lame scripts, thats not his job, he does what his director asks him to! If he can be PREM he can also be a TIGER! Love him and salute his style!

  2. So for once I actually agree with you almost fully! I love Salman as well, and I'm always rooting for him, no matter how much a lot of people dislike him. He will always be the Prem of the 90s for me. Anyways, I was disappointed with this movie, but their chemistry was beautiful. The movie was unfortunately VERY predictable, and a lot of the things Tiger did seemed out of character for such a great spy.


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