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From the whistle prelude to the accordions throughout the song, Ala Barfi ! takes you back to nostalgia. Heart warming words of Swanand Kirkire, sung by Mohit Chauhan makes you go drool over the track instantly. Reminding you of Kishoreda's mannerisms, Mohit is at his best. And Oh ! There is another version of the song. With different arrangements, this time, by Swanand himself. The thing I couldn't understand is - why is he shouting? Anyways, tune wise, the track is fabulous. Not easy to get it off your head.

Minimal arrangements and laid back, lazy croon of Nikhil Paul George - Main Kyaa Karoon is charming. Penned Ashish Pandit, this one, is standard Pritam template, that works perfectly as always. Vocals of Nikhil is highlight over here. Listen to it again an again, you won't be tired. Third track, Kyon - again has that old world charm. Wonderfully sung by Papon and Sunidhi, the melody is stirring. Not to forget the words that shines through penned by Sayeed Qadri.

Starting with faint aalap by Arijit Singh, Phir Le Aaya Dil (Reprise) assures the awesome ride ahead. This 'ghazal'eque track with tablas on one hand and wonderful orchestration on the other. This one, is just pure bliss. But wait - there is a more serene version of this one. The original - Phir Le Aaya Dil - sung by Rekha Bhardwaj, is an absolute treat with strings of guitar. Both of these are gems of the album.  Pritam does perfect justice to Sayeed Qadri's poetry.

Next, Aashiyaan, is a cheerful one. With 'bouncy' vocals of Shreya accompanied by Nikhil Paul George, the freshness of this peppy track is unavoidable. Last one - Saanwali si raat, is a song that you want to hear in sheer dark night, with all lights switched off. That cuddly-wuddly song you would love to go to sleep while listening to it. Swanand's words scores again, just loved the second para of the song. And Arijit's singing - oh man. In love with the song already.

Pritam, after FKS, again gives a heart warming soundtrack. There is something about the team Anurag+Pritam that always give the best results. Pritam's best till date - Life In a Metro, and now this. The hit maker is hitting the right spots again and again this year. This Barfi is absolutely high on taste that you can't resist.

My Picks : Phir le aaya, Saanwali si raat, Kyon, Ala Barfi !

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  1. Thanks for your review, Darshit! I can't wait to listen to this soon. I've heard bits of the title track and it sounds very interesting. As usual, I trust your music taste to deliver a fun listen. More later. :)

  2. Anonymous01:42

    I loved Rekha's version. Only for the reason that her voice is ahiste se mere ruh ke darwaze ko khat khata rahi hai while I sit by myself under candle light in my cold and empty room.

    - KEL


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