Jhootha Hi Sahi : Movie Review

Would like to start this post with one tweet of mine "When critics say - script is predictable - are they looking for a murder mystery"? That is my grudge with all critics - that I have never found a single 'nice' review for a nice, small, romantic movie. Is it so because they are not from big big camps? I remember how harsh same critics were on JTYJN too. I do not want to compare JTYJN with JHS, because both are different in a way.

Jhootha Hi Sahi is kinda mature one compared to eariler venture of Abbas Tyrewala. Characters are older, storyline is somewhat serious and so are the acts. JHS is story of Siddharth who volunteers a tele service that helps soothe people who tend to do suicide. And on phone, he meets Mishka, the story moves on how they meet each other and the relationship grows. 

The strongest point of Abbas' movies is always one thing : the Ensemble. He knows how to get some good actors together and how to take out the best act from them. Though JTYJN has one of the best ensemble a movie can ever have, JHS is not different in that way. Most famous face of youth television - Raghu Ram [Omar] alongwith not so famous faces - Alishka Varde [Aliya], Prashant Chawla [Uday], George Young [Nick] and Manasi Scott [Krutika], and John, moments between them are so enjoyable. Though Krutika's character seems to be an extension of Mala [from JTYJN], but never mind cause it has pretty short screentime.

Talking about pace, movie's start is a bit slow. In first 10 minutes it almost looks like Karthik Calling Karthik, and then somewhat similar to Anjana Anjani too, but after that it carries its own story. Charming sequences and lovely music. Main advantage of taking unknown faces in such a story that it doesn't overshadow the characters. Omar and Krutika serves as fun track througout - look out for them in second part. While debutant Pakhi as Mishka looks pretty suitable for the role. A role similar to what played by Priyanka in AnjanaAnjani, I would say Pakhi has played it more honestly. Okay, she does look little bit older for such story, but I don't mind when act is comendable.

The real star of the movie is John. This is undoubtedly his best performance ever. As a confident guy on phone and a stammering confused guy in real life, he acts ! And most of the running time, he carries the film with him. Given a good ensemble cast and his performance, there are only a few dull moments. I would recommend this to anyone who likes light, cute and entertaining romantic flicks. Don't go with expectations of JTYJN. No. Masterpieces can be made only once, but good products can't be avoided in such comparisons.
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  1. liked the way u reviewed it ,will surely give this watch & get back to you :)

  2. truly great piece of writing. the information provided in the article was of great use.
    keep on doing the good job

  3. After reading critics reviews, I decided to skip this movie but now that you say it's a decent movie .... will watch it soon.

  4. hey, today i watched this movie. i enjoyed very much, comedy is very nice.i enjoyed mishika introduction to other guys in book store scene very much. Perfect screenplay, and all the guys (John, Aliya, Omar, Mishika, Krutika, nick & Amit) had done their job perfect. one thing is good in the film showing indians and pakistanis are living together.


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