Guzaarish : Music Review

This is the first time when a soundtrack of SLB's movie, did not impress me at first listen. And being a 'loyal' SLB fan, this has made me disappointed. Still, I am confused about it. Coz as I keep on listening to some tracks, I am loving the tracks. Especially 'Saiba' - sung by Vibhavari Joshi who sounds little bit high pitched for such beautiful composition. Portuguese touch of the song makes it more interesting. By far its my most fav track from album.

While title track starts where Saavariya ends, yes, with sound of rain and then some background sounds [of TV?] KK and Shail croons this beautiful track with lovely arrangements. Next track 'Sau Gram Zindgi' [!!?] sounds weird with unusual lyrics, add Kunal Ganjawala's singing toppled with 'angrezi' lines, the track is annoying. Another track - Tera Zikr too suffers from such lyrics. Sample this - "Teri Fiqr Hai, Yaa Faqr hai - jab jab karta hun, machlta hun, uchhalta hun, fisalta hun" - words are put just for the sake of rhyming. Otherwise, both tracks has nice compositions.

A short track by KK - Jaane kiske khwaab sounds nice but purely situational. After all slow tracks, a refreshing change comes in form of 'Udi' sung by Sunidhi Chauhan & Shail Hada, latin beats sounds fun. Shail Hada comes next with solo - Keh Na Saku - which does not work as it should. A song about expressing silent love requires more depth.

Chand ki Katori is a good pick from soundtrack. Especially Harshdeep Kaur's voice is a highlight of it. But again, some lines annoy me. Strings laden 'Daayein Baayein' is a nice smooth rendition by KK. But its forgettable as soon as you stop playing it. On the other side, why KK sounds ''so'' different in this movie? Another voice that sounds different is Shankar Mahadevan - in last track of album - Dhundhli Dhundhli. A song about lone evening - a standard SLB song that I loved for its composition and vocals. Would love to see on screen.

So by far, only two tracks out of ten - that I loved from this album. Lets see how it fares as it keeps growing on me. But still, what bothers me is lyrics part. Lyrics can make or break an album [example Udaan v/s Robot]. As I said on Twitter "Lyrics of Guzaarish, tries hard to be 'Gulzar'ish, but fails miserably."

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  1. Looking forward to listening to this, thanks for your review (as always)! And are you saying the lyrics to Robot weren't that good? Really? By how many neutrons and electrons did it fall short? :P (I agree, of course.)

  2. Hritik's every movie is my favorite.His movies are different from other movies,like his dance is unique in every movie.I often ,watch movies of this acter,i am sure his new movie Guzarish will be super hit.

  3. Can't wait to see Hrithik in new look


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