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A 70's movie ! Was waiting for its music, also, after extremely catchy 'Zor ka jhatka' - that's a hit by now. Two Punjus - Richa Sharma and Daler Mehndi are in full form for this track with fun filled lyrics.

Next track by Shreya Ghoshal - O bekhbar reminds me of a song from Bhatt Bros.' movie. A typical 'Pritamish love song'. Nakhre - sung by Francois Castolliono which was featured in first promo - has nice 'twist' beats - recreating 70's. Lyrics makes it a part 2 of Zor ka Jhatka. Fun.

Surprisingly, 'Chhan Ke mohalla' starts exactly same as 'Dhoom again'. But instantly it gets 'wavey jhatka' kinda beats of 'Chor Bazari'. Sunidhi Chauhan & Ritu Pathak along with some addictive chorus singing, the track is interesting. With a good lineup of singers - Karthik, Mahalaxmi and Antara Mitra - Pritam tries to create a love ballad 'Tera Mera Pyar' but fails. Nowhere it touches right chord.

Mika is next with Dhak Dhak Dhak, is another passable track. I liked 'Luk Chup Jaana' for its loop sung by Tulsi Kumar. KK starts it well but when it goes on high pitch, wanna be rock, - it ruins the mood. KK's voice get lost in those portions. Another gr8 voice is wasted in 'I am dog gone crazy' - Suraj Jagan. wish SEL could have created a nice alternate. Shreya Ghoshal features again in the last track of album - Baaki Main Bhool Gayi - paas.

As the album gets a dhamaakedaar start - it doesn't live up to that. Inconsistent. Some tracks are fun, if given a 70's touch, the soundtrack would have been more fun.

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  1. Disappointing to hear the entire album doesn't live up the the first song release. I love Zor ka Jhatka. Will have to search the other songs out.


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