Shaurya-Movie Review

Two of the finest actors, get together in one film. That was my first reason to see this movie. Rahul Bose and Kay Kay Menon. The Actors. That too, in confrontation of each other. That is a not to miss view.
Shaurya, is story revolving around Javed Khan, an army officer, who has killed his commander and a court martial is going to happen to him. Rahul Bose and Javed Jafary plays lawyers in army. Rahul Bose is playing, as always, Sophisticated silly boy. Javed is a quite surprise, playing a serious role. Minisha Lamba is a journalist of Dainik Bhaskar in Srinagar (!!!!), where all things are taking place. She is good actually. Kay Kay is Brigadier Pratap. In one of the good roles of his career maybe. Seema Biswas is also there, playing mother of accused, Javed Khan, in a forgettable role.

Starting sequence is that shootout itself. Where Javed Khan shoots his commander. Then movie goes along with Rahul Bose and Javed jafary’ lives. Which is the weakest part of movie. Though introduction scene of Rahul doing a bungee jump, is nice, but all scenes are somewhat weak. The plot gets weaker. Till things go tighter when both friends got transferred to Srinagar from Bombay, and are handed over case to fight opposite each other. Rahul is a happy go lucky guy, who suddenly has got such responsibility of saving someone’s life going into hell. He portrays that very well. Javed Khan played by Deepak Dobriyal is also damn good performance. Who keep mum through whole procedure, to find out why, there is a good climax.

Brigadier Pratap, played by Kay Kay has a powerful role. Often viewer gets tricky whether to consider him as a negative role or a powerful main lead. He has got only a few, but power scenes. Including his introduction shot. He shines in all scenes.

Procedures and investigations go places, and finally movie reaches high point that is a court martial. Rahul Bose shows a good act. But when he finally calls for Kay Kay to investigate, Kay kay steals the scene. The climax is so powerful, the court is totally silent, not even background music is there. Its like we are watching a live one. Kay kay’s final speech leaves everyone speechless. He just rule the screen, that is the scene, to watch a movie for. Just see the range of KayKay, from Honeymoon Travels to Metro to Hazaro Khwahishen aisi to this. He is the finest actor. Rahul Bose looks small against him in that scenc- though he is in positive role.

Overall, it’s a good movie, maybe inspired by A Few Good Man [I haven’t seen that], but some loopholes are there, making the movie only watchable. Worth to remember is only act of Kay Kay, though everyone has acted perfectly. Minisha is a good journo, over priety in Lakshya. Songs are just there, love ballad is good. Three songs, a relief. Care has been taken to show Army life, atmosphere, and uniforms. Those things are quite perfect. Sometimes viewer feels that this is not Srinagar, but that is forgivable keeping in mind the situation of the state.
Watch it for Kay Kay…… and Rahul too !!

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