PK : Music Review

Ajay-Atul's Tharki Chokro is as functional as a Rajasthani track can be. With all the deja vu, it still works well with catchy title loop. While childish Nanga Punga Dost makes an interesting listen with its violins. Lovely short violin tune repeats thru the track making it stuck in head sound. What is more interesting about these two songs is its lyrics. Getting our curiosity higher for the storyline.

Next set of songs are nice change from regular set of singers these days. Shaan's Chaar Kadam with Shreya is that typical-Moitra-Love-ballad-template. And I am not complaining there. Next is Sonu with Shreya. Making a fun duet in Love is a waste of time. Reminding of Pal Pal (Lage Raho...) though. Amitabh Varma's mushy words with a twist makes it more fun. But Sonu's next disappoints. Bhagwan hai kahan re tu is rather an ordinary, strictly situational track. Similarly, PK Dance theme. Lastly Dil Darbadar by Ankit Tiwari - feels totally out of place. No where it contains the theme of rest of the album.

Barring two tracks and despite template-ized sounds, PK works well in the borders of the movie. PK will work more effectively after watching the movie perhaps.

My Picks : Love is a waste of time, Chaar Kadam 

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