Sooha Sahaa [Highway] : Meaning, Translation

Well, that is the next track from A R Rahman's Highway soundtrack. Surprise is that - Alia Bhatt sings this lullaby ! Now this - is getting interesting day by day.

I googled a lot to find the meaning of this weird sounding-rhyming words. Took help of theBollywoodFan-as he masters the language. But still, no conclusion on the exact meaning. Lets wait for the full song to be released.

Meanwhile, I zeroed on following meanings -

One -
Sooha - Red
Saaha - Rabbit

Does it make sense? Well, lets see, if its a lullaby - yes it does.

Another one -
Sooha - Overlooked
Sahaa - Endurance

Again, this one makes sense too. Looking at the storyline.

Now over to the Highway team, when they will release the film.

Update : Yes, its red rabbit. Irshad Kamil tweeted it. 

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  1. Did you try BollyMeaning? ;)

    Here is the post:

  2. Pehli murgi ya anda? ;)

    Actually I did not watch that promo video even, just got curious with the name of the song and searched for the meaning.


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