Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat : A R Rahman [Song Translation]

Recently I got pinged by @sangeetPremi on Twitter - a link to this fabulous video about my own state - Gujarat. I never knew such a great video existed on internet. Only thing I knew was the fabulous song that was composed by A R Rahman, on occasion of 50th Foundation day of Gujarat [on 1st May, 2010]. None other than Bharat Bala [yes, the same guy who was behind Vande Mataram and Jana Gana Man videos] has translated this song on the screen like no one else can do.

Here is the video - but... its in Gujarati language. Yes, mother-tongue of people of Gujarat. Hence, I have also tried to translate it. Hope you'll like it.

Production House : Bharatbala Productions Directed by : Bharatbala

Music : A R Rahman Singers : A R Rahman, Chinmayee, Keerthi Sargathia

Lyrics : Dilip Rawal, Ankit Trivedi, Sairam Dave and Chiragh Tripathi

The original Song was written by noted Gujarati Poet - Kavi Narmad. The phrase 'Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat' meaning 'Oh Hail the Pride of Gujarat'. Here is the Wikipedia link.

And here is the translation -

Dhara chhe.. Aa maari......Dariyaa ni lahero - pan chhe maari ;
Aa Rann, mane pyaaru chhe.... Khetar - Chhe shobha maari;

[The land is mine, waves of the sea - are all mine;
This desert is beloved, the green fields - are my grace;]

Dhanya hu..thai gayo ...... ahi janma je maaro thayo; (2)
Jai Jai Jai Jai, Garvi Gujarat - maara dil maan dhadke Gujarat

[Blessed I feel...that I born on this land;
Oh hail the Pride of Gujarat - Gujarat beats in my heart]

Vishwa nu, dwaar chhe .... Ahi sadaa pyaar chhe...
Tane namu, laakh vaar hu....Bhoomi Maari ...
Jai Jai ......

[Door to the world it is, Always Love for everyone it has;
I bow to thee a million times, oh motherland of mine]

Kai siddh karya vyaapar mein dariyaa paar, Gujarati hu chhu;
Mane phoolo jetlo parsevaa thi pyaar, Gujarat hu chhu.

[Have Conquered businesses over the seas, I am Gujarati,
As I love flowers, I love sweat [of efforts], I am Gujarati]

Maari rag rag maa Karuna, Seva, Sahkaar, Gujarati hu chhu;
Har aafat saame ubho bani padkaar, Gujarati hu chhu.

[Compassion, Service, co-operation is in my veins, I am Gujarati;
Standing as a challenge against coming storms, I am Gujarati]

Paankh naa aa fafdaat maa, Gagan kahi rahyu chhe mane khol tu;
Lakshya ni pare Laskshya aapnu, kahi rahyu chhe have bol tu.

[Behind this sound of wings, I can hear sky is calling me to open it up;
(new) targets beyond these achievements, is calling me to speak out]

Kaik dwaar haju kholvaa naa chhe, kaik zarukhaa bandh chhe;
Muththi o maa maari uchhali je rahya, saat suraj naa chhand chhe. **

[Still there are closed doors, closed windows, to be opened;
In my palm, eager to get free, are the seven 'sur' of the sun]**

Jai jai jai jai, Garvi Gujarat Mara Dil ma dhadke Gujarat.
Jai Jai Jai Jai, Garvi Gujarat, Mara Desh Nu Gharenu Gujarat.

[Oh hail the Pride of Gujarat - Gujarat beats in my heart;
Oh hail the Pride of Gujarat, the jewel of my beloved country]

Ek doro maari paase chhe, toh ek doro taari ye paase chhe;
Saath sau mali, vaniye ek nadi, kaal ne ke je khaas chhe.

[I have a string, bring out yours too, Let together weave this river,
that is most special for tomorrow]

Anjali maa Sankalp chhe, ane aankho maa vishwas chhe;
Mann ma karma ni vaansli chhe, ane ek surili aas chhe.

[Determination in my offerings (to God) and trust is in the eyes,
Soul is filled by musical hope, given by flute of Karma]

Jai Jai Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat Mara dil ma dhadke Gujarat.
Jai Jai Jai Jai, Garvi Gujarat, Mara Desh Nu Gharenu Gujarat.

**Here Seven 'Chhand' is used as to describe 'Seven Horses' of The God Sun. Who rides cart run by Seven Horses. Often symbol for Progress and prosperity. While 'chhand' literally means a para from a long poem.

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  1. Very nice video but why you remove it.

    swarnim gujarat

  2. Thanks for Lyrics. Being Marathi it's really difficult to understand, but Ur Lyrics really helped.


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