Don 2 song leaked ?

'News' is flying in air waves that 'Rehmat'  sung by Shrey Singhal, is leaked from soundtrack of Don 2 . Just like 'leaked' Akon song from Ra.One , this news is out just a few days after movie's first trailer.

Well, I got a chance to listen to the song - it sounds pretty much like a Pak-pop song. And Shrey sounds a little bit 'Atif'ish. And, serious doubt is - it doesn't sound SEL composition at all. And with words like 'bhool na jana, o jane jaana, barson ki yaadein.." it hardly sound like a song from 'action' flick, Don 2 is.

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  1. Anonymous00:32

    FarOutAkhtar Also, no song from Don 2 has leaked anywhere... they are safe and sound with SEL and myself.

  2. their video choreography is what i like about don songs..

  3. Even Ra.One song by Akon was also released, it all seems like a gimmick. Anyways.. do have the song or the link to that song. :)

  4. Don 2 Movie19:15

    Don 2 will rock, isn't it?

  5. bhool na jaana oh jane jaan isnt this song from don 2 ?


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