Peepli Live : Movie Review

I am not a fan of movies that glorifies poverty. So naturally, I was not 'that' curious about Peepli Live, directed by Anusha Rizvi. Coz I thought it will be a regular 'Satyajit Ray' genre movies [which I personally, don't like], that it is easily getting accepted around festival circuit.

But on the other hand, after all, its by the production house which is going strong day by day for their 'different' movies - Aamir Khan Productions ! And you know who most reliable in Bollywood is, when you are looking forward to him - he is never gonna disappoint. And the reports I was getting - that the movie has satirical touch - making it different.

And it is indeed....
Anusha has done a really well balanced job of maintaining hard hitting drama and satire on the system. Peepli Live is story of Natha [Omkar Das Manikpuri] a poor farmer having burden of debt. As things go out of his hands, he finally decides to commit suicide. How his life takes extreme twists and turns then after - is hard hitting to see on screen.

Another area where movie gives 'in their face' punch is - Politicians and Media. That too, without preachy dialogues [JrBachhan anyone?] or over the top drama. The best thing about the movie is - nowhere it gets serious, black humour is everywher, and yet it shakes you from inside. Each and every actor is perfect, no doubt because most of them are from theatre.

Malaika Shenoy is really good as reporter Nandita - who is doing her job against her will, just because of need to increase TRP of her channel. On the other hand Vishal Sharma acts as Kumar Deepak - a reporter from 'desi' news channel, with all his contacts and tacticts, getting on the scene. He instantly reminds of Deepak chaurasia [Aaj Tak-remember?]. Raghuveer Yadav is as always-perfect. Even the granny Farrukh Jaffer is good. Shalini Vatsa as Natha's wife-shines. Omkardas as central character, perfectly plays the man who's in dilemma of his life. [Thank God, they did not choose Rajpal Yadav for the movie]. Not to forget Nawazzuddin - as a local journalist who realizes what is the real face of journalism. [I tell you - the war of news channels is 'must' watch part of this movie]

Having seen and lived in such village of Rajasthan, I must say this is really 'real' portrayal of situations in Indian villages. Full marks to production team for serving visuals 'as it is'. Screenplay, for telling the story in a way one can easily get true meaning from it at the same time 'getting entertained'.

Must Watch. Well Done Anusha and Aamir. Oh, and I missed telling about perfect soundtrack? Des mera - by Indian Ocean is ekdum suppar!


  1. Great review!
    All the time I saw Deepak, I was trying to recollect where I'd seen him...lols...Deepak Chaurasia (of Aaj Tak) it was ;)
    Among the songs, I liked "Mahangaayi Daain"..and the way Raghuvir sings it...its timed well in the film...
    Here's what I thought about the film.
    Temme what you think


  2. Anonymous02:18

    Wasn't expecting to find a new post (or whatever is the "technical" term for new thread is in the blogosphere!). Some times dil ka connections are faster than RSS feeds!


  3. Anonymous23:34

    Haha..Do you think ..its a slap on face for media and politicians ?..its a slap on our face..and its very hard..the very and politicians are corrupt..because we choose so..and they are our reflection. I used to think ..if we could kill all politicians ..India would be a better country..but i was wrong ..there are always people waiting there to get take their place.

  4. Didnt connect without the movie much because the basic plot is stolen from the english movie "MEET JOHN DOE"...

  5. hiii good movie but i just have one question what if amir would not have promoted this movie ??????

  6. hey Karan, thanx for comment.
    yes, the movie would not be that famous if it din't had aamir's back up. But still, people like you and me would have surely watched it. no?


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