Harishchandrachi Factory [2009]

A Film about Films. How can I not love such movies? And this is the tribute to none other than - Baap of Indian Cinema. Dada Saheb Phalke ! So, by default this one is a must watch for any lover of Indian Cinema. I wonder why this movie hasn't been marketed and released extensively besides having such potential. But then, on the other hand, the same fact is there. Its a regional movie, Marathi to be specific. So, naturally not many takers outside region of its origin. Though thanks to Oscars, all came to know about it cause it was selected as official entry in Best Foreign Language Film category.

Moving on, Harishchandrachi Factory is [true] story of Dadasaheb Phalke [Nandu Madhav]. Who loves doing magic shows and plays for kids. Once he comes across world of cinema [silent cinema at that time] and amazed he is, decides to make his own! How he fulfills his dreams is a wonderful tale . His wife Sarswati [Vibhawari Deshpande] is a biggest support for him. So are the two kids too. With the help of them and a few friends, he learns movie making in England and starts making movie about Raja Harishchandra, calling their production 'Harishchandrachi Factory' [Harishchandra's factory].

Directed by Paresh Mokashi, the movie turned out to be a surprise for me......
Its been told so lightly and full of funny moments that kept me engaged and entertained. Set in the year 1913, it must have been tough to recreate that era with little budget. Full marks to UTV for funding such fantastic project. Mumbai of 1913 looks beautiful on screen. You can even see Trams in streets of Bombay. The central character, Phalke is played by Nandu Madhav. He has acted really well. The curiosity & the madness of Phalke has been portrayed perfect by him. Also the kids were really good. This was my first Marathi movie ever. So don't know much about actors, but they all are fantastic.

Especially Vibhawari Deshpande, who played Phalke's wife. Handling husband's madness is not a small task when he is not earning much. And that part is beautifully played by her that makes us feel how great individual,Phalke's wife must be. We all should say thanks to her, that without her support, the Biggest film industry in the world, wouldn't have come up in India. Also, salutes for Phalke, that in those times when technology was being looked with doubts, he made it possible. & choosing India as his workplace besides having offers from Britain.

I was overwhelmed when I saw the finale of the movie-when 'Raja Harishchandra' finally hits theaters after hard work of all and the success it gets. Loved every moment.

Watch it if you love the dreamy world of movies.


  1. I must watch this one since you liked it! I think I saw a copy on Netflix... :)

  2. Ive been looking for this one- it sounds really endering, weird as that may sound. You review strengthens my resolve to locate and watch!

  3. Filmi Girl
    you must catch it. this was my first Marathi, and I m really looking forward to their movies.

    Me too was looking for this since have heard much about. Download it if you can't get a copy.

  4. Ooh, this looks really interesting. I'm always looking to branch out in my Indian film viewing. :-) Thanks for the review!

  5. Thanks for the Invite! Now to think up something suitable to post...

  6. shwetaji
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  8. Patrix
    sorry if it did harm your server, i was in a hurry to post pics otherwise generally i capture the images from the DVD itself. Thanx for advice.


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