Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani : Movie Review

Expectations always kills. Some ppl told me that Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani has nothing new to offer. Its just 'another' comedy movie. I strongly felt opposite of that. OK, agree it has 'nothing new' regarding storyline. But its absolutely a delightful tell. And no, its not just 'another' comedy movie. Its special because it is a clean comedy. No double meanings, no racist jokes - just pure fun.

After 'the best' comedy ever- Andaz Apna Apna, Rajkumar Santoshi had this extra heavy burden to make a comedy, cause comparisons must be there. But I wasn't expecting that this would be as great as AAA. Cause somethings are made only once. But overall, its worth watch.

Ranbir Kapoor steals the show. In his regular avatar, with happy go lucky attitude, he makes lovable appearance. His energy throughout the movie is extremely pleasing. Not even a single joke goes wrong. Also he has done a great job with dancing. I would surely vote for him in sequel to this. [Yes, it's in the making] Katrina is, as usual, Gorgeous! She also has perfected her regular character, rather NRI or Christian. Where her accented Hindi is acceptable. She also does nice job.

What's surprising in the movie is Darshan Jariwala. His role of Ranbir's dad is really fun. Though clichéd, one can't help but laugh all the way throughout his scenes. Watch out for the scene when he is made to sing a song.

References to AAA are definitely there. Even the villain is carbon copy of Paresh Rawal's character. But yes, all references are fun. Movie loses its pace just before intermission and in starting of second half, but it is required to move the story further.

Music of Pritam which did not impressed me much, fits the movie perfectly. Ranbir on screen is a treat to watch in the songs. So is Katrina :)

So there, if you have missed the movie, wait for DVD. Cause you can not afford missing all fun and frolic moments. A must watch for rom-com lovers.

My Rating: 3.5 / 5
Favorite Scenes: Dance Party, Climax, Singing Papa, Kat's Sallu Love.


  1. Well, you're right, the movie loses its pace after intermission. And what I don't like is that even serious scenes like the fight scenes have been made comedy - its a bit illogical like the lollipop scene. It shouldn't have been there.
    The dad's song scene is fabulous.
    I don't know why you didn't like the music of the movie. Although I hate Pritam because he hates originality but he has done a good job here.

  2. i have waited a lot for this.... thanks...
    Waitng 4 ur review on london dreams..
    plz don't take too much gape in ur threads.... i watch this blog everyday

  3. I totally agree w/ you. I try my best to watch a film with low expectations.

    I think Ranbir is talented, he's good looking and can dance.

    He and Katrina look cute together and cannot wait to watch.

    Storylines these days are not "new." Now, it's really what the stars bring to the films :)

  4. I always try to lower my expectations too. It tends to make movies more fun. :-) I'm glad you liked it--that makes two blogging friends who did. I've already got it added to my rental queue for when it releases on DVD. (Also, Ranbir is so totally a star. Amazing for someone with kind of ordinary looks to have SO MUCH charisma.)

  5. As a true blue rom-com fan, I hardly am disappointed when a new one comes out. I can almost guarantee I'll buy it, and this one is not going to be an exception. I'm glad people seem to like it. I kept thinking how could they go wrong! Looking forward to seeing it more now.

  6. Shantanu
    Well, I actually liked that silly climax. And lollipop too LOL :)

    Darshan Jariwala was a treat to watch indeed.

    Regarding music, I did not 'loved' the OST in totality. I loved 'tera hone laga hoon'. But while watching the movie, I found the music quite suitable / enjoyable.

    Oh, sorry for the delay Dev. And thanks for stopping by to comment. Actually I have seen LD, long back. You should check out this review which is almost the same what I felt abt it. Here's TBF's post. Surely I will try to keep my threads regular, but right now I m going through busiest period of my life.:) My upcoming wedding, so would surely keep up the pace again.

    Yes, both actors look great together. and thats really well said about 'stars bring to the films'. Cant agree more than that.

    Low expectations always helps. You must rent this out. True about Ranvir too. He is here and will go places definitely. But oops, I don't think he has Ordinary looks :) Neetu factor is in him.

    And I am looking forward to your views on it. :)

  7. ya you said it right its a new clean kind of comedy - But still there was nothing in the movie to admire, to learn jus all old gossips and something new to the children "how to be more rough to the parents" thats what the generation to admire the most - in the name of the movie

  8. Hi,
    Darshit you are right. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani is simply comedy movie. I like this type of movie. I am waiting for this movie.
    i will enjoy it as soon as possible.
    Have a very good time.

  9. Most probably it will be the most hit movie of the world. I am a big fan of Katrena Kaif. She is awesome as like as she looks. I am looking forward to seeing more information from you.
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  10. Gerry

    Well, yes it had some not so good scenes between Baap-Beta, and not justified at the end like Wake Up sid, but given a comedy movie, that might be acceptable issue. And after all, its up on us what we can take away to home with us after watching movie.

    free movies & nasim
    Thanks both for visiting and commenting.

    Thanks for the links too, but sorry i dont have any dog :)

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  12. indeed, theBollywoodfan,
    Its a family movie after a long time. [Aladin was targetted at children]. Where all can sit without any hassles of bad joke coming up.

    Are you talking about 'Life Partner'?

    And yup, you will 'love' the scene of Kat.

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  14. oh.. tBF
    the dvd is out??? Cant wait to read your review. The Genuin'lia' lover. :)


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