Hawaa Hawaai : Movie Review

What a man ! Amole Gupte - that rare someone who refuse to deviate from what his heart says. Staying true to his story and show us the best on the silver screen. After Stanley Ka Dabba, his Hawaa Hawaai is one such movie that melts your heart from first to very last frame. Fortunate we are to have such a movie made in today's crore clubs.

Yes, its just another 'achievement of an underdog' story. Yes, it has same old elements of child labor and poverty. But still, its Gupte's own touch that makes it an experience. Story of Arjun who works at a tea stall, dreaming of flying on skates. How his four friends and the coach makes the dream come true is such a heart warming tale.

Written and directed with all his heart Amole at many places, extends his trademark sequences previously seen in TZP and SKD. But no complaints there. How sweetly he gives us bitter dose of reality ! The team he employs for this adventure, is one of the best ensemble of recent times. The 5 kids - Partho Gupte, Ashfaq Bismillah Khan, Salman Chhote Khan, Maaman Menon & Thirupati Kushnapalli. (Surprisingly there is a backstory of this team. Apart from his son, all four are from Gupte's theatre workshop for underpriviledged children-Aseema ! Respect.) Each kid has timing so perfect that can put any superstar to shame. Add to that brilliantly penned lines, harmless genuine fun the proceedings are. Partho is such a gifted boy, even at this age, such a mature performance without any glitches, such a natural actor ! On the other hand, Saqeeb Saleem as the coach, charms you from the very first scene. Making the enthusiastic coach's character totally believable. Wonderfully he portrays the transformation by the time he reaches the goal. Neha Joshi, perfects her part as worrying mother of Arjun.

I was a bit sceptical about the movie, blame it on poor publicity or as always my ignorance for sports movies. But now I am in love with it. This is such a little movie with big heart. Which should not be missed at any cost. I don't understand why critics don't come out of there 3/3.5 stars rating. Movies like this, should be rated highest. Must be watched, for the love of cinema.

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