Agneepath : Movie Review

First, let me make it clear - I haven't seen the original Agneepath, so the 'inevitable comparisons' are not here [for a change]. Agneepath that I watched, has those perfect Bollywood acts, colorful dances with huge chorus, looong long shots and silhouttes for gloomy scenes. Welcome to the world of Karan Johar. Welcome to new Agneepath. 

To put it short - I loved it. The Vijay Dinanath Chauhan saga is refreshed with few new twists and new characters [like a menacing Rishi Kapoor, can you imagine him that way??!!] but still it makes an absolutely engaging entertainer. Everyone was murmuring about Hrithik playing the legendary the Vijay is the biggest risk, but no. I think he was the safest bet to play this character. Even in his silent expressions, he moves the audience. Add his remarkable screen presence, and I am totally drooled over his stupendous performance. Though there was a glitch, that I did not find the chemistry of him and Priyanka upto the mark. Actually, Priyanka herself wasn't upto the mark here. She seemed lost at many places. Or maybe, in this revenge revenge talk, the female characters are under-developed? [ditto with Zarina Wahab].

By the way, the one guy who surprised me was Rishi Kapoor. Man oh man, I've never seen him playing a bad guy. And here he was. Menacing, someone whom you'll hate immensely and at the same time-like too [while watching him dance, in a superbly choreographed Shah Ka Rutba]. Also the kid who played young Vijay - Arish Bhiwandiwala, superb act I must say. Om Puri is good, better than his Don avatar. Sanjay Dutt - I didn't liked him much. No. Or may be, it is a must that if one did not liked villain's performance, he has done his best work. But seriously, why did they put age old dialogues from Bhagvad Gita?? The dialogues given to him are so typical that sometimes it seems amusing. But thankfully, his screentime is lesser than what I had expected. But whenever Kancha and Vijay clashes - there are sparks. Literally. 

Technically the film is perfect. From gloomy dark moments to the cheerful larger than life Ganesha scenes [outstanding chorography in Deva Sri Ganesha and Shah Ka Rutba], everything is too good. Brilliant cinematography. And backed by thumping score of Ajay-Atul, the sound creates a great impact. Also, the two lovely tracks Abhi mujhe mein kahin and Saiyaan, moves you. Despite the face the movie is quite longer than recent usual movies, one don't feel its stretching or lagging at any place. What do one need else, but a perfect entertainer like this?

Dear 90s, welcome back. 

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  1. Glad you liked it!! I'm looking forward to a nice 1990s style revenge movie. :)

  2. I have not yet watched the original. However, I am dying to watch this one. And I must say I loved your blog and your reviews. Amazing effort and that shows your love for cinema.. Kudos to you and will be regularly watching your blog....

    1. Thanks for your appreciative words.

      Let me know how you liked the movie then.

  3. Anonymous06:04

    Disappointing film.....eventhough I am a hrithik fan.
    Damn Story....bad direction....bakwaas sentiments....not an entertainer....
    waste of money!
    wt happened to Hindi movies? y the standard of hindi movies are going down.

    poor film......saw agneepath with much excitement.....Disappointed, disappointed...disappointed........Directors must learn to direct well from South Director Shankar.

    No good script writer left in Hindi Industry.poor film...

    Bakwaas movie

    Hrithik is a good actror, despite this disaster movie.
    But full marks for CHIKNI CHAMELI!


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