Kaminey : Music Review

Scintillating !! Mind Blasting !! Soothing !! Foot Tapping !! Touching !!

Whoa !! All feelings in one album !! Yes, Yes, who else, but Vishal Bhardwaj can do it better then this? As most recently, Omkara and No Smoking did raise the standards to a great high for this versatile Music Director-Writer-Director-Singer; He keeps coming with such great great soundtracks one by one. In one of the most anticipated soundtrack + movie of 2009; Vishal outscored once again this time. Soundtrack of his latest Kaminey, is just so awesome no doubt its an instant chart topping.
Dhen Te Nan.....is a rage nowadays. And why not? Its such an addictive tune. Many times the phrase is used in normal talks. Like to surprise someone. And Gulzar saab surprised all, with Vishal, in this striking track. Ok, Many accuse Vishal for ripping off Pulp Fiction, and many other claims are out there. But its not. The track is so genuinely original, and innovative. Which drags you to hit the floor right then. Vishal Dadlani and Sukhvindar Singh does 'Dhen Te Nan' job of singing. Wah !! Dhen Te Nan ! There goes my Ringtone now :-)

Achanak hi...all of a sudden a so subtle smooth sound comes out. Its a piano piece and OMG....There's Mohit Chauhan. Man, Man, I just can't get enough of your voice. Here comes 'Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai' a soft rock-ish love song, in Mohit's own style. Add dash of Gulzar saab's 'as always' out of the world words, And sprinkle a super fine Orchestration of Vishal. Man ..I could go on and on listening to it. What words, Gulzar saab comes up every time...Oh..sample this :

"Yaad Hai, peepal ke jiske Ghane saaye main,
Hum ne Gilhari ke joothe matar khaye the"

Then comes the song Raat Ke Dhai Baje. I was surprised by a voice in the track, instantly checked and found credits including Suresh Wadkar !! Its been a long time really. His 'Jaag Ja Ri' was unforgetable in Omkara. Other singers are Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan, Rekha Bhardwaj & Earl. Also the track has the 'desi' feel. Like 'Dhen te nan' here also 'dhaun taun' kinda words. Making it more fun. Two phrases are taken from earlier song, 'pehli baar mohabbat ki hai, aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai'. Innovation is thy name, Vishal !! Kunal sounds like his 'bheege honth' hangover is over :) Rekha and Sunidhi recreates Omkara magic. And tracks slows down at end with male domination, Suresh Wadkar touches you. But still, somewhere I feel this could be a little better [selfish, I am, after Omkara's item bombs].

And yes, then comes a track which is publicized as 'safe sex' song !! Yep, it has even 'AIDS' word into it !! Kudos Gulzar !! I bow to thee :D. 'Fatak' is definitely a weird name of a song. but only Vishal+Gulzar can justify that. And man, the way they does. 'Fatak' means a sound of whip. With a folk'ish' start, track goes fusion and goes a little sufi too. Why not? There is Kailash Kher and Sukhwinder Singh. The track reminds me of 'Kash Lagaa' from No Smoking, especially in antaras.

More More More.......i wanted more fabulous tracks..and there came, a scintillating soothing track soaked in symphony orchestration. the title track 'Kaminey' blows you out insanely. What more can you expect when Vishal himself is singing it?
[I have noted this, that every musician turns 'selfish' when it comes to singing own compostions, and they choose the best among the album; thats fantastic for listeners though :)]

Meri Aarzoo Kaminee...Mere Khwaab Bhi Kaminey....
Ek dil se dosti thi....Yeh Huzur bhi Kaminey.....

Words, Words !! Kaminey, no more remains a 'curse word' and it becomes a so intriguing in this track. Again Gulzar uses his favorite phrase 'Lal Ten laake, Aasman pe taango'. Wah Gulzar Saab Wah !! One of the best track of the year, easily. The track goes EXTRA HIGH just before second paragraph and get you flying high in musical sky !!!

Then we have Go Charlie Go - A extended theme of Dhen te Nan. Which again, is so addictive and doesn't let you down. Similarly remix version of Dhen Te Nan and Raat ke Dhai Baje are also keep you going.

[Oh..No..only six original tracks ??? Why not 10 songs like Omkara? :( I wanted more more.]

Enough said, this is one of the best of 2009, easily. So don't wait, just Go and Get It folks !! Till then.......Dhen Te Nannnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....Tena ten.....

My Rating : 4.5 / 5 stars !!!
My Picks : Kaminey, Pehli Baar, Fatak, Dhen Te Nan

Some fabulous wallpapers of Kaminey. I just loved the look of the movie. So couldn't help. :-D


  1. Krishna07:14

    I was just listening to these songs day before yesterday and as soon as DHEN TE NAN started, I was totally assured this guy is ready with some innovation again!
    What an album!
    I won't say much except the fact What we call it when Gulzar Sahab’s Prodigious Art of Imparting Coherence to Words and Vishal Bharadwaj’s Sheer Intelligence of Music and Character come together! The words are Brilliant, Splendid, Awesome! It started with MAACHIS and I am damn sure it's going to achieve new heights in future!

    Great work! No doubt!

  2. I am so stinking impressed with this soundtrack, I can barely contain myself. I wasn't one of those who thought he ripped off Pulp Fiction, just that Dhan Te Nan was a little reminiscent of it. I can't wait for the movie to be released!

  3. Krishna
    Yes, it started from Maachis, and the treats we are getting since then. Are simply yummy and tasty. Whenever both of them gets together, they create sheer magic. But I think Vishal is underrated when it comes to commercial acceptance, which I think there should.

    Yes, I too think that it is not copied. If you go by just 'dhen te nan' piece; I would say its reminds me of MI or JamesBond theme too!! But no its not. And the 'Desi' pan is certainly original. I absolutely can't wait till 14 August.

  4. The second best soundtrack of the year after Delhi6. Amazing music..especially the title track and Fatak. Fatak is just too good!

    My review will be up on Saturday. Cheers!

  5. Oh Yes, but not to forget DevD and LBC, too.

    Fatak is innovatively excellent. But My most fav is Title track. Vishal..

  6. I am really enjoying this soundtrack! Great summary of your thoughts, Darshit. I agree with Bhargav that this is second only to the Delhi-6 music this year, which is saying a lot. Really like most tracks, especially the title song and Pehli Baar. Others are very good too. I must write something about it...

    Have a great weekend!

  7. theBollywoodFan

    Thanks for complements. After Delhi6 this is another truly complete album. But still, I wished there could be more tracks. how abt 9? :-) Just like Omkara. Also I can see you are a big fan of Mohit's songs. Isn't it?

  8. really nice album..and really nice blog..keep it up :)

  9. hEY, Thanks Rahul. Thanks for stopping by. Hoping to see you again.

    Indeed its a very good album.

  10. Basically, I analyzed that "Dhen Te Nannnnnnnnnnnnnnn..." contains bold jhankar music rather than bold song. I listen to all songs and now I have some opinions that your review of Kaminey music is absolutely right. However, I like another Kaminey music review also which absolutely define the meaning of whole songs and music of Kaminey.

  11. Anonymous11:40

    I love the track "pehli baar mohabbat ki hain.." what a music! simply gr8.

    Well would like to share another music review article explaining the entire album. NJOY!


  12. Thanks for stopping by Music Listener and Anonymous Thanks for the links too.


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