Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola : Movie Review

There are films where you are not spoon-fed by the maker. You can not expect the expected. And you see what you don't see in a regular potboiler. Vishal Bhardwaj is surely that one guy who makes you feel these things. No doubt why his are one of the most awaited projects always.  

MKBKM was that highly expected project since its inception. And that's the prime disadvantage of this marketing strategy. Your expectations go too high that everyone is expecting a fantastic movie. (anyways... leave that). MKBKM is a mad mad story of mad mad characters living in village Mandola. And how 'mad'er is can get then a Pink - smiling - Buffalo !! With unreal people in realistic background, Vishal and Abhishek (Chaubey) gets viewer hooked to the film since very first sequence. But unfortunately it doesn't last too long. Sreekar Prasad's editing misses its mark at many places that goes over-indulgent and induces a few yawns here and there - in first half !! Thankfully, the twist right before intermission (though expected) and the table-turn events in second half, keeps the pieces of story together despite of the occasional lags. Biggest help here, comes in form of Pankaj Kapur. He is the strongest pillar of this '3-persons-playing-title-role' story. And not to forget VB's own sparks that are hard to miss out. Beneath all this madness, the treatment of the movie makes you silently gulp down bitter truth. Besides lagging editing, technically the film is excellent. From background score to DOP, you can not ever complain in a VB movie. And ah, the songs - most of them which didn't work that much out of the movie, 'in the movie' they are inseparable. Perfect? no?

The film drives on its performances. Or say - Pankaj Kapur. As 'double personality' guy - Mandola, he yet again excels his part that no one can. There hardly is a moment where he misses the right note. Imran Khan is (surprisingly) good as the educated-yet-happy-to-be-desi guy. Won't say much about his character, but he definitely surprised in a 'dehati's role (being his past record as chocolate lover boy). Anushka - well, baby, its time you invent a new style that doesn't look like your last movie. She's fiery as always but aren't we tired of her outspoken-full of life-lot of sparks-act? Shabana - ah, fabulous she was, just wish we could have get to see more of her. Even, the kid who just plays a blind village boy - is difficult to forget. 
But let me warn you. MKBKM is full of those VB moments which are not easy to gulp down if you are not a fan of his work. Watch it for that awesome combo of director and his actor - VB meets PK. 

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  1. Anonymous00:49

    The very mixed reviews of this movie are fascinating to me. Some have said it's great, but "crazy" - others compared it to Joker, which is just alarming! I think I will go see it on Saturday.

    carla (filmigeek)

  2. Carla mentioned people compared it to Joker....I saw the first hour or so of that, and the crazy village part reminded me of Joker. Hopefully it's not that bad...


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