Kaafiron Ki Namaaz : Music Review

Aalaap sung by Najim Arshad pierces you in Aayatein, but it doesn't last for even a minute. But soon, Najim comes back in next track - Sawaalon Ki God mein. Backed by sarangi it grows further with tablas. Though some lines seems 'forced to keep in tune', vocals of Najim does impress. Its the next one, Jhalkiyaan - in which Ram Ramesh Sharma's lyrics shines. Javed Ali's vocals are as always, beautiful, accompanying him Kshitij Tarey is equally brilliant. (Though last para seems very situational) This is my most favorite one from album. It repeats as a Reprise version, sung by Harshdeep Kaur, a fantastic rendition with interesting mix of previous one into this version. Usha Uthup and Jazz. Sounds interesting no? Yeh Raat Monalisa is her show all the way. She just enjoys her song and it can be clearly seen (heard?) here. Upbeat tone of Bajao Zor Se Taali works perfectly because it has Sukhwinder Singh behind the mic. Though the lyrics are tricky (translation anyone?), this is instantly likable. 2nd version is not too different except minimal arrangements. 

Composer Advait Nemlekar brings a refreshing change from current Bollywood albums. Penned by Ram Ramesh Sharma, Kaafiron Ki Namaaz works wonderfully with its minimum arrangements and impressive vocals. 

My Favorites : Jhalkiyaan, Yeh  Raat Monalisa, Taali                                 

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  1. It is such a refreshing album. I think one of the most complete album in recent times, all the tracks beautiful. I just wrote to Ram Ramesh asking him to publish the lyrics cause even i wasn't able to get few words in taali.

    In the end this album needs more appreciation. It truly deserves.


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