Teri Meri Kahaani : Music Review

The LPNY meets VS song - Mukhtsar has that addictive vocals of Wajid, ends up as the best of the album. (So, did you guess the further part of the review ?!) Sound is pretty much familiar reminding of recent hits. Allah Jaane is thankfully, good. Rahat passes 'screech-o-meter' this time. Lovely lyrics by Prasoon Joshi. Jabse mere dil ko uff - tries to recreate that retro magic, but lacks the punch despite of having Sonu Nigam on board. The qawwali Humse pyaar kar le tu - starts off well, but the 'under written' loop kills it. (or maybe, its just me?). Will look forward to see on screen though. Sugary That's all I really wanna do (phew?!!) is pretty okay. Shaan's voice does the trick.

All said, Sajid-Wajid seems to be on right track. Improving by the time. (I know, its late, but..) A soundtrack that is above average, where Prasoon Joshi helps them save the day.

My Picks : Mukhtsar, Allah Jaane.  

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