Ferrari Ki Sawaari : Music Review

Jazzy, Life Yeh Mausambi si, strikes instant chord with its oldies charm with whistles and stuff. Mohan's voice perfects the laid-back feel of the track. Same old world charm reflects in next three tracks. Good Night, a lovely lullaby sung by Priyani Pandit is just so perfect as its instrumental version - Rusy's theme is. Amitabh Bhattacharya's words  takes you back to your childhood.  After 'So Ja Chanda', yet another memorable lullaby from VVC films. Title track, Chal Ghoome where Shaan instantly reminds of Kishore Kumar is a fun ride.

Next Maara Re - the cricket song (that I assume, features Sachin Tendulkar), did not work that quickly as other tracks did (as I am not into cricket), but repeated listens worked. Sonu Nigam-perhaps. 'That - Vidya Balan's item song', Mala Jau De - Mujhe Jaane De (means let me go) by Urmila Dhangar, is addictive with its authentic Marathi sound and vocals. One can't help move their feet along. And the highlight of the album is Ae Mere Mann sung by Shymantan Das. With endearing chorus, Das breathes life in Swanand's words. Fantastic one.

Surprise surprise this Pritam soundtrack is. There isn't a single track that can even hint about him being composer of this album. Hope he stays with such production houses and keeps churning such wonderful tracks.

My Picks : Ae Mere Mann, Good Night, Mala Jau De, Life Yeh Mausambi si

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