Shanghai : Music Review

Bharat mata ki jai is extremely catchy with its rhyming phrases. Written by Dibakar Banerjee, this sarcastic piece reminds of one such song in Benegal's Welcome To Sajjanpur. The singer ensemble led by Keerti Sargathia, alongwith 'dhoom dhadaam' percussions, makes it a powerful song. At one interesting point, it almost sounds like Rahman is singing (3:06).  As high this song goes, next one hits low. Imported Kamariya is 'just another' item song. (Sigh, I want this trend to stop). Is it necessary to add such songs in each movie?

Next, Duaa by Nandini Srikar, Arijit Singh and Shekhar - is sheer delight. Lovely fusion with minimal arrangements, the song haunts you after a few listens. Fantastic lyrics by Kumaar. And vocals, ahh, would love to hear more of Nandini. Shekhar goes solo in next Khudaaya, with backing vocals by Raja Hassan. The pathos led track ends too early, leaving listener wanting for more. Next Morcha, a situational one, anthem for revolution, would work better on screen. After two remixes, last original track Vishnu Sahastranam by Srivatsa Krishna, is just serene, as it should be. But wonder why it is title that, cause its just an ensamble of 'Vishnu related shlokas', not the Sahastranam.

Vishal-Shekhar trying their best to delete the 'peppy, soft rock, rock' based songs image. And succeeds, yet again. Shanghai,works, but yes, in parts.

My Picks : Khudaaya, Duaa

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