Aamir, Shahrukh and Sallu...wishes you - Happy Holi !!!!

Happy Holi to all of you.....

Here is how Aamir and SRK and Sallu wishes you HAPPY HOLI !!

And here is the Trio's Holi Playlist.

I seriously hope that you are not banging your head on the screens for such a silly post, bura na maano Holi Hai ........!!!!


  1. Happy Holi to you too! :)

  2. Happy Holi! Have you gone out and gotten covered in rainbow streaks yet? ;-)

  3. Happy Holi to all, again.
    No, I am not yet covered in colors. Its 5am. So there is sum time left to go out :)

  4. I was trying to comment you yesterday but it wouldn't work.

    Happy Holi to you!

    Would love to see your playlist on Holi songs. :)


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