Ramayana-The Game of Life: Rise of the Sun Prince : Book Review

Since childhood, I have heard, read and seen stories of epic - Ramayan. One of the two biggest epics of India. Seen - in numerous adaptation by tv, cinema and plays. Heard - through grandparents. And read, the versions best suited for kids. Never have I read extensive, sincere and detailed works on the epic. So whatever I knew about Ramayan, was limited to such sources. Thankfully, this series is going to change it completely. Ramayana : The Game Of Life series by Shubha Vilas, is an extensive effort. Part 1 of the series 'Rise of The Sun Prince' kick starts the experience very well.

Rise.. tells the story of earlier phase of Ramayan. The prelude. Where all the forces in heaven, conspires to let the avatar of Lord Vishnu - Rama, walk over the earth. How the kingdom of Ayodhya gears up to welcome him, how he spends his childhood, boyhood and how he leads to marry Sita. Everything in so much detail, yet as concise as possible. And what is so different about this book? How the writer choose to impart wisdom through footnotes. The nectar from the fruit. Almost all pages are sprinkled by such thoughtful notes. Giving lessons on leadership, life changing aspects, divinity, loyalty and much more. Very swiftly the notes give you the best lessons. Also there, in footnotes, some well researched bits about the ongoing is put. Making each page worthy information to read.

It seems really in depth research is done by the author. Taking clues from Valmiki Ramayan as well as Kamba Ramayan (tales from South India). Amalgmation of the two is done in a way one can't detect it. Moreover, it goes into backstories every now and then. Making one's knowledge about things enriched, things we rarely knew.
Sample -

- How vast the city of Ayodhya was, be it area or the infrastructure. How rich its people are, spiritually or physically.
- Detailed life history of Vishwamitra. How he has this life long fight with Vasistha Rishi.
- How a simple wish of Lakshmiji made Lord Vishnu do incarnation of Rama, and her as Sita.
- How Dasratha has to marry as much as 353 times.
- Rama's age during various important stages of Ramayana. (Did you know he married at the age of  12 !!?)
- How did the island of Lanka originated?
- Origin of many holy rivers.

The writing style is fluid. Never you feel it heavy or giving too much of life lessons. At places Shubha describes ongoings so well, it overwhelms you. For example few scenes that are my favorite - when Luv-Kush tells the story of Ramayan in front of Rama himself. Or the times when Dasratha hears stories about braveness of Rama and the proposal of him marrying Sita. Despite of the fact, everything is writen in past tense, you feel you are watching this in front of your eyes and move with it. My only complaint is how the names are written. With extra 'a' in the end. Rama, Dasaratha, Janaka, Lakshmana. I mean, it doesn't at all look authentic. Otherwise, the book is surely a keeper, so must the series. To tell your kids the tales of one of the greatest person walked on this earth.

This is the first time I am seeing this publishing house - Jaico Books. And am surprised to see such perfect work. Starting from the beautiful covers to the printing quality and the paper quality. Everything is just too good. The footnotes fonts are not too small that it makes a comfortable read. Overall, a worthy job.

I would recommend this work - for you to know how detailed our history is. How not everything is known to us and that needs to be told.

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