Housefull 2 : Music Review

Neeraj Sridhar - oh yes. Starts off this soundtrack too. Papa Toh Band Bajaye is a track that already seems remixed with techno beats and tweaked voice. Ok ok one. Next, which is publicized as new 'Munni' - Anarkali Disco Chali - sung by Mamta Sharma and Sukhwinder Singh sounds forced to give a big hit. But it doesn't work as well as Munni did. [Of course, that was already a tried-tasted-readymade track] Will be hit on screen, and that's it. Doesn't work at all. Bieber/Akon influenced Right Now Now - sprinkled with Eng-Punjabi lyrics. Duh. Last original track Do You Know has been composed with 80s sound. A relief to hear Shaan-Shreya in a melodious mood after former 3 songs. Quite enjoyable song.

Just like the first part, the sequel of Housefull doesn't offer much in terms of eargasm. Sajid-Wajid scores just an average album, wish SEL were here. But what do you expect from a Sajid Khan movie after all. Music in his films, is just used as a filler. So there.

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  1. agreed that the music sucks, but Housefull and Hey Baby did had some quality tunes!

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  3. How can some one call Papad Toh Band Bajaye a SONG!!!! Its murder of music. Shame on people who like such poor stuff.


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