Bittoo Boss : Music Review

Mika's 'Bittoo sab ki lega's groove gets you hooked, but - its the new low Bollywood has found for the sake of few days of fame. Thanks to DK Bose's success and our poor rating system, no one bothers to re-think before making such thing. Kaun Kenda is a predictable, inspired from ShukraanAllah - yet lovely because of Sonu+Shreya. Next Kich Lag Gayi is a 'bhel puri' of all the hit 'punju' material, foot tapping -yes, new - no. Audi (Tenu Tak De) starts on average note, but ends as addictive hip hop punjabi mix. Mika's second track Kabootar - duh, what was that Raghav?? Composer Gajendra Verma's Man Jaage comes as relief. Shahid Mallya's smooth vocals does the trick.

Overall, a passable soundtrack that must work for the movie. But what's with too much of Punjabi Lyrics? Isn't this a Hindi movie?

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