Ekk Deewana Tha : Music Review

Jazzy Kya Hai mohabbat works well just because of Rahman himself behind the mic. Lyrics by Javed Akhtar are good, but thats it. This reminded me the track-Meherbaan [Ada], in terms of the treatment of the song. A sure to grow on multiple listens. 

Dost Hai Hum Toh gets 'hip' English rap, in its hindi avatar. And a slower tempo, with shorter Mukhda. Naresh Iyer's croon though easily gets stuck in head. But with just one line, it leaves us with feeling of 'i want more'. 

Aaromale - [there was no chance this word could be translated ;)]. Alphonso Joseph sings some tricky pure hindi lines here. Wish they had retained the Tamil interlude instead of Shudh Hindi lines that sounds out of place [shubh shubh ghadi shubh shubh lagan].

I've already said a lot about the [epic] Hosanna. About how it lacks that madness, desperateness of [Tamil] Deewana. But, comparisons aside, now I'm actually humming it. Flavor of the song is totally changed to a sweeter one in hindi. But yes, it works. Except that accented English part. 

Omanna Penne - Clinton Cerejo croons dreamy love ballad Phoolon Jaisi Ladki, that loses grip at places because of [ofcourse] lyrics. The Malayalam part though is retained, for good. Somehow I liked this one. 

Sharminda Hoon - 'the' Mannipaya is lost in translation. The words are forcefully placed on this beautiful tune. The most annoying part is the interlude [Sitaron se aage jahaan aur bhi hai !!] and the lines that Rahman sings [Auns ki boond...]. Madhushree is refereshing change though [Shreya was in Tamil original], but the urge to paste the words on the tune kills the song. 

The Only hindi version I found quite well done, is Sun Lo Zara. [Anbil Avan in Tamil]. Shreya sounds strangely different, yet good. And with Rashid Ali, this fast paced song works well. 

Dreamy, Guitar'y tune of Zohra Jabeen has its own power - its composition. One can easily get lost in beautiful tune without caring about lyrics. ;) [Just don't want to compare but, happens - the deep meaning of the original is missing here in 'zohra jabeen' !!]

The real treat comes towards the end of the album. A 4:32 Min long Aaromale by Shreya Ghoshal [Broken Promises] is still as haunting as it was in 2010. Instrumental Moments in Kerala is lovely piano piece by Prabhakar. And Jessi's Land still takes us to the land of beautiful backwaters - Kerala. And finally, the madness returns in Jessi's driving me crazy. This time with Hindi lines. Desert, never tasted so good. :)

So, full marks to singers and composer. But seriously, lyrics messes it up. I love the original tamil album [Vinnaithandi Varuvaayaa] more than anything else. Say, I lived the album since I heard it first in 2010. So naturally, the anger of doing injustice to its hindi version, will be there. Naturally, I tend to compare the songs with Tamil ones. It happens, as the Tamil tracks are in my veins now. And they certainly had more meaningful meaning [!]. Know, Javed ji had this tough task of writing words for already epic songs. But the problem here is 'tod marod ke fixed' lines. We heard such thing in a original hindin score by the duo too [Dekho Na-Swades]. But, still, I am annoyed. Maybe it will take a thousand listens to remove the grudge. And still, I will love the original score. Sorry Javed saab, U no Gulzar saab. EDT-is no Saathiya. 

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  1. Anonymous00:30

    I shall be killed by the Trolls but I cant even take the name of Akhtar bhai in the same sentence along with Maalik (Gulzar).

    Expected the album to be like this so not surprised at all. Avoiding it!

    Cheers for a rocking review!

  2. Anonymous09:23

    actually what wrong with this album..?it is good album.all should realize that this music was done for another south indian movie.ofcorse there is too much dificulties to rebuid same music on hindi version.if we are a pure lover ,if we are not ready to compare with tamil version ---WITH OUT DOUT THIS IS ONE IS VERY GOOD.i read lot of worst reviews against vinnaithandi also.MY PICKS:-PHHOLOM JAISEE,DOSTH HAIN,SUN LO ZARA,AROMALE SHREYA VERSION,ZOHARA..WHAT I NEED MORE ONLY FROM ALBUM?

  3. Anonymous07:03

    Album is very good. Problem is with multilinguists who have the tamil version stuck in their head. Wait till the film releases, then ppl will start praising the score.

  4. Anonymous18:19

    yaa dude diz tamil ppl r so relentless always commenting othr languages...v r njoyin d sngs frnd

  5. Anonymous01:52

    Guys its not about the tamil people. Im someone who does not understand tamil or telugu lyrics and have watched and heard both vinnaithandi varuvaya and ye maya chesave.I have loved it for almost 2 yrs now.Trust me when you understand hindi and still prefer the tamil songs ovr its hindi version then something must be seriously wrong with the lyrics which is true in this case. javed akhtar just doesnt get it right. He came *this* close to insulting A.R.Rehman's music. I have been waiting for this album for almost 6 months now and what a disappointment it is!!! The only saving grace here is rehman's music which i continue to love.

  6. Thank you all for reading this and for the comments. I would agree with the last Anonymous comment. I am a Gujarati, don't understand a word of Tamil, still VTV is so much inside me, that it annoys me when such gems are killed.

  7. Riddhiman11:11

    I agree with Ur review word by word.. same here.. no more words needed to express my view on the album...
    cheers to the accurate review... :-)

  8. Anonymous17:14

    What a lovely comment dear 'anonymous' (last wala). Yes...Mr. Akhtar has got away a lot many times by offering average stuff...high time he gets it right else makes way for others. Yes.

  9. If we dont compare This one with Tamil... Than this one is the main reason for me to watch this muvee..... else.... look at the star cast..... eeeeyyyaaakkk.

  10. Good review.
    The Tamil to Hindi Translation is bad in Sharminda Hoon n Aaromale.However Hosanna sounds good in comparison. But some of the other songs are good such as Phoolon Jaisi, Dost Hai,Sunlo Zaraa and Broken Promises. As you rightly said the lyrics messes up the feel of the songs to quite an extent.
    I am keen to hear the responses of the people who are completely unaware of VTV.
    Btw I am also a part of a film website http://www.madaboutmoviez.com. Do check out the music review of ekk Deewana tha done by one of our members…Thanx

  11. ..I would say this album is really disappointing when compared to the originals...Rahman fails to create the charm and Javed Akthar fails big time with the Tod marod lyrics.....A couple of songs work but most of them fail :(:(:(:(:( ..i WILL stick to listening the original...

  12. Anonymous07:30

    Ek Deewana Tha Music Review on Gibson http://www.gibsonguitar.in/News-Lifestyle/News/hi-in/First-Listen-A-R--Rahmans-Ek-Deewana.aspx

  13. I think this album is sthg different from Rehman..Really awesome..

  14. Anonymous10:59

    i speak Hindi and dont understand a word in Tamil, but i love the songs of VTV...that was incredible music. I was super excited to see the soundtrack in hindi, but this is undoubtedly the worst ever. Moreover, they changed many music pieces in the hindi one which just doesnt works at all. And yes the lyrics are extremely bad. For all those who think people are getting biased towards the original Tamil version, go and listen for yourself. i bet you will love the Tamil version better than this hindi version even if you dont understand a word in that language.


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