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Well, as a part of Travel photograph contest by Blogadda and ; here are five entries from my pile of photographs. I am no a professional at photography, nor do I posses a nice sleek DSLR.. [wish I can :) ] but still, I feel sometimes my clicks do wonders. So here are my entries. Oh, and Thank You Blogadda for suggesting a topic to blog. Nice change for me :)

A Place near rapidly growing Ahmedabad. Most of the fields are occupied by builders, making difficult to for mother Earth to breath. Trees are getting vanished. Here is one alone tree, who stood since long, witnessing cruel changes of time.

I just love deserts. The salt deserts, the sand deserts or ice deserts. The view they have, you can see through horizons, the wide canvas. Love that feeling. Here is a pic from India's favorite desert - Jaisalmer. The camel ride at 4pm. Must be scorching hot, but worth for its scenery.

Another favorite place of mine. That is Jodhpur fort, and the 'Chhatri' you are seeing here is tomb of King or some member of royal family. What makes it more beautiful is the flying pigeon captured in the click ! Again, a barren tree standing by the tomb makes it interesting.

Jaisalmer fort is like a Desi-mall. Having fantastic little little shops of handicrafts. This frame consists many frames in it. With the background of old hand painted yellow wall, one surely gets instantly inspired to buy all of them, isn't it? And hey, that Bisleri hording is captured which I had no idea about. Showing both, modern and old worlds, maybe? :)

I couldn't resist to put up this wonderful pic taken at Mount Abu, Rajasthan. The 'tomato girls'. Yes, they were selling Tomato Salad. I denied buy their stuff when I was on my way to Turtle Rock. But the way they made me buy it, cute ! Then I came to know that they were doing it to fund their study. See the school bag near them. :) and smiles on their faces !

So, there, are my five entries for the contest. Tough to choose only five because our country has so many gorgeous things to love. The colors, the people and the places, indeed - Incredible India !
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  1. AWESOME. nothing more, nothing less.

  2. Beautiful images. Third shot is my favorite.
    All the best.

    My Travel Photos

  3. Nice photographs especially I liked the 4th photo. The handicrafts look awesome.

  4. Nice snaps... One with frame is really cool !!

  5. Ohhh very nicem photos DJ! I like all of them and hope you win :D

  6. Oh, WOW!! I love the frames, and the first one, and the desert one! These are so fantastic!!

  7. Those are beautiful, Darshit! Love the tomato girls, they're so cute. And the frames picture especially catches the eye. Very nice!

  8. Nice Shots Darshit, i love the second one the most

  9. Excellent photos! Love the Jaisalmer wall photo.

  10. Amazing photographs, Darshit! All the very best to you. :)
    All of them are wonderful, but my most favorite ones are #5 and #1.

  11. harshit
    Hey, thanks man. thanks for stopping by.

    Some great pics i can see there on your blog. Thanks for wish.

    Vivek, Shruti
    Yeah, that's why jaisalmer's markets are my favorite.

    Thanks ji.

    the first one is most recent. The b/w looks fab isn't it?

    oh yes, I loved how cute those girls were. Especially the left one.

    Ahh.. the deserts of Jaisalmer !

    Bhargav Saikia
    So, when am I going to see your pics of Jaisalmer?

    Thanks Kanan.

  12. These are awesome! Hope you win the competition - you certainly deserve it. Have you thought about joining the staff of Mumbai Beat? ;-)

  13. Lovely pics and very interesting :)
    Gud luck for the contest :)

  14. These are GORGEOUS Darshit! Every single one of them has something that makes them stand out. I love photography also. Even dabbled in a little bit of wedding stuff a few years back. Love taking pictures of places and things more though than posed brides and grooms.

    Simply outstanding. I hope one of them wins for you. Is the contest open for voting to everyone or the company who's sponsering?

    I hope you put more pics up soon.

  15. Awesome, awesome!!! Good luck buddy! Here's a task: Try picking a film represented by each picture!

    I also like you captured part of the Bisleri logo. Brand loyalist, as you can tell. :)

  16. Nice collection. Good luck

  17. Bollyviewer
    Thanks ji. Ahh.. you caught my secret ambition.. gimme gimme address of Mumbai beat , anything to work in the most beautiful office ever.

    Thanks Swaram. And welcome to my blog

    Thanks a lot Shell. So much appreciations there. Would love to see your pics. I adore the 'foreign ka weddings'. All the white bride dress and cool suits on man. Ah and the white flowers ! oh, yes, places too :P

    contest is not open for voting but just some judges will give out result. Win or not, it gave me an idea to showcase my stuff in here. Will try putting up some. Meanwhile, are you on FB? I 'm posting pics there on regular basis.

    Ahaa... thats a tough task man ! Will have to brainstorm yaar.
    Oh, and btw, that Bisleri thing was caught just yun hi ! but it looks nice, no?

    thanks a lot. You have gorgeous pics there on your post!

  18. Wow! Lovely photographs!

  19. Hi there - great shots. Realllly love the many frames one, I would love to use it in my talks on gratitude. Can you let me know how to arrange this?
    i have included my url so you can locate me.

    1. Please use it. No issues. Keep the backlinks to this blog. Thanks.


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