Housefull : Music Review

When Shankar-Ehsan-Loy composes soundtrack for a comedy flick, results has not been so exciting. Take Ek aur Ek Gyaraah or most recent ShortKut for example. So with that fear I started listening this album.

Starting with the first promo song, Oh Girl You're Mine - a new voice Tarun Sagar along with Alyssa & Loy. Yes, Alyssa who sang fantastic Uff Teri Ada-KCK. The leisurely paced song holds nothing special that it can be called a SEL product. Being in same league, Papa Jag Jayega holds same beats. Neeraj Sridhar [Akki movie, you know] alongwith Ritu Pathak & Alyssa sings this song. Which is fun because of its lyrics.

A shocker comes up next in form of remixed re-created 'Apni toh Jaise taise' the legendary Bachchan song. Aapka kya hoga [dhanno] will surely be riot on screen. Mika Singh, with Sunidhi and [hold it].. Sajid Khan features in the song.

Then comes my favorite track. Shabbir Kumar [yes, the Shabbir Kumar] croons I don't know what to do with Sunidhi is fun fun fun track. Can't wait what's there up on screen. Concluding the album, Vivenne Pocha & Amitabh Bhattacharya comes with Loser. A smooth jazzy feel describing 'loserness' of the lead character. A passable track.

See, here too SEL did not give some mind blowing tracks like he used to create for Excel Entertainment :) . But for a comedy flick, that need not be necessary. Lets see how it fares on screen.

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