Happy Birthday to My Blog !

Its celebration time ! OK Ok, the date has already passed. And the month will be passed in next one hour. But I can't let it go like that. Cause my Blog, My darling little blog has turned 5 YEAR OLD in March 2010 !! Yay!!

Its been a roller coaster ride. Totally. Blog has transformed me into a new person. I never knew such world exists online, where people of same interests can meet, write and discuss about favorite topics of mine. Movies and Music. Ahh... thats the thing I always want to do. And No, FB or Orkut are not those platforms where we can do that. After completing education, I hardly could find those moments where I can make discussions from a to zee of movies.

Then I found a platform called Blogger. As anyone would do, I instantly joined in and created my blog. Blogger is an easy format to use, especially for those who are not pursuing a web design career. Also, as I didn't have pc at home in the year 2005, it was little tough to keep it updated regularly. Also, I too wasn't much aware of surfing people's blog and discussing through comments. So my blog was just like 'I write, my friend read' kinda blog. In the beginning I started to write with two movies, Black and Aviator. Even today, I laugh at me how awful I was writing then. [even today, I think I am the same, bad Grammar, and so much blah blah :D] But still, one post from that year is still my favorite. Its a post about two movies - Parineeta & Paheli.

Year 2005 ended with just 16 posts !! Record was broken in next year. The best year of the last decade in terms of fabulous movies. The year 2006 ! During which, I could write THREE, yes, only 3 posts ! Due to some reasons, it was not at all possible for me to write blogs. Sigh.... what creepy days they were. Even after those 3 posts, I was idle for 11 months !! Until I saw Life..in a Metro and couldn't hold my urge to write down something about. But soon, I died again. Posting with extreme low frequency. Only 10 posts in Year 2007.

And on one fine day, in July 2008, I found this Fabulous post of theBollywoodFan, while searching for lyrics for a song from movie Ada. The movie never got released till date, but it lead me to a whole new world. By visiting theBollywoodFan's blog, I knew that things like comments, blog-roll and Blogging madness do exists. All of fellow bloggers already know how awesome writer theBollywoodFan is. And it was pleasant surprise to meet my idol blogger in the month of my blog's birthday !! By reading his blog, by seeing his dedication, I too decided to keep up with my writing and go on Blogging in full on mood. And Its only his blog, from where I found this fabulous network of Bollybloggers which exists outside of India. One thing is so mysterious and still I like about theBollywoodFan is he loves being hidden. Never he gives even a hint about himself in real life.

And on the other side, I met a blogger who never ever hides anything. Yes, our very own, 'Her' Royal Highness - Pitu Sultan !! **drumrolls*** . She shares everything that happens in her life. Be it her new recipe or even when her dogs tail wags. She is awesome at writing hilarious stuff. Pulling legs, hairs and even chaddis of our stars. And not only that. When she writes seriously, she pulls out tears from our eyes. Take recent post of her about Pinku-the dog she had, or even the post where she wrote how her Grand Parents met. Awesome to have you Sultan !! Salutes !

And by those Salutes, I come to a Blogger whose work I want to salute at. She does put so much of effort of putting awesome screen-caps, numerous of them, that I can never do. Yes, she's Nicki of ApunBindaas ! Very well known for her love of John, Bipasha and southie hotties including Allu Arjun. Surprisingly we have nearly common taste in the movies. She's one big fan of Southie movies too. Which got me so surprised, cause being an Indian, I thought there are hardly any fans who are non-Indian and still love our movies. Nicki broke all my beliefs and I was surprised that she 'grew' up with these movies ! And so kind she is doing giveaways of DVDs !

Growing up with Indian movies- Louella's blog is a next big example of growing up with our movies. She has completed more than 360 movies in less than 1.5 years! Another fan of southies, she is unstoppable when it come to writing blog posts. You must check out her AtoZ about Vasundhara Das - post.

Writing this, I am amazed how Ladies dominates the Blog world around. I can safely put the crown of President of this blog world to ever loving Sita-Ji of Bollywood Food Club ! Shes awesome, most soft spoken [though I have only 'read' her, still] person.

Another lady who write fantastic posts and has most interesting blog name - Shweta of Apni East India Company. Though she is not much active these day, I enjoyed her Abhay Deol fan-girl posts and much more. Also her biggest credit- the Chandelier post. Hoping to see you soon..

Inactive these days is other active blogger I am follower of. Nida of Bitten By Bollywood . Always her posts are insightful and interesting. Its always interesting how movies reflect our culture, and what do they feel after watching it.

Oh, and another American Lady blogger I am fond of. Ajnabi of Paisa Vasool-or Not! What a name of blog, easily one can mistake if this is a Indian's blog. But no, she's not. And that makes more fun reading her views on our movies. Die hard fan of Shahid Kapoor, her blog is always fun to read.

More fun is when you read funny bottom lines for screen-caps, at Bollyviewer's blog - Old Is Gold ! I admit here that I just can't discuss old films. Though I have watched many of them, I m only comfortable discussing newer ones. But her blog is a fantastic source of information if you are interested in old classics.

more ladies, more ladies - Yes still more to go. Shell from Shell's Bollyworld - a huge fan of SRK. A newbie to Bollywood and always eager to take suggestions for movie watching. She just has initiated a nice task of getting information of all bollybloggers-together. And created a nice little database of the same. And Kanan of Lyrics I like - who always brings some nice songs lyrics in her posts. Especially, the old ones which I love the most.

And who doesn't know Filmi-Girl ? the gossip girl who posts extremely regular. Always ''you know it first on her blog'' kinda feeling when u read her posts. And a librarian who falls for Shashi and Abhishek - Beth from Beth Loves Bollywood. For her huge posts and interesting discussions on her comments section.

Ok, boys, your turn is here again. What! Only Three??!!!
Yes, only three. Bhargav from Reviews Etc.by Bhargav Saikia, BollywoodDeewana - and Babu Moshay Sujoy from One Knight Stands. Bhargav is most sincere reviewer [inactive these days], Sujoy kicks butts of anyone who comes in his way. Hilarious posts are his trademark. Its great to have both of them on Blogroll. While BollywoodDeewana reviews movies from the decade which I don't know much of. its the late 70's and 80's. Similarity between all the three is- all of them are from London !

Phew..... why I did all these blah blah ?? Just to say a big THANKS to all you Bloggers around me. You make this world worth living !! Worth Blogging ! Thanks for being there always.

And oh, forgot to add - most of us are so much active on Twitter. So be there too and keep Rocking the world !


  1. AWWWWWWW! How sweet, DJ!! Thanks for the appreciation.

    *prepares to sing*

    Happy Birthday DJ's bloggy!
    Happy Birthday DJ's bloggy!
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday DJ's bloggy!


  2. Happy 5th Birtdhay Darshit!!! It's been an incredible journey blogging and learning from others, and I love love love reading yours! I feel especially honored to be included in this post, and though I don't quite feel like a newbie anymore, I guess I still have lots to learn in the scheme of things. Thank goodness you're there to help me!

    Here's to another 5 (and beyond!)

  3. Cheers buddy for completing five years of blogging:............. Wishing u more blockbuster posts...... N like u said ur inspiration was our bollywoodfan my is inspiration is none other thn u.... Its ur blog which made me make my own blog.......... Love ur blog specially those lists which u post every now n then.......
    Happy b'day to ur blog!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous01:24

    Yaar! What a comprenhensive list of bloggers here, well done! Happy Birthday to your blog, and many returns of the day. :) So sweet are your words to me! I love how we have all gotten to meet each other through blogging, which has really increased my enjoyment of the films since now I have found great people like YOU to discuss them with regularly. You always offer new and interesting insight and consistently educate me on India and cinema with your insider's perspective. Jai Dunkdaft!!

    All the best!

  5. Happy birthday to dunkdaft and to u :)

    Hum abhi aur bhi pelenge :P

  6. Happy birthday to Dunkdaft!!! I know I've been inactive..will start a fresh blog in June.

  7. Oh I forgot to mention. Birthday ke uplaksh pe, try installing a comment plugin on ur blogger.

    I think Intensedebate works. Give it a try. Makes life easier. Cheerio!

  8. Happy bday dunkdaft!

    Thank you for your many kind words, although you give me more credit than I deserve, my friend. Said this before, always truly appreciate your dedicated involvement in the Bollywood blogosphere. On a more selfish note, particularly because our music tastes are closer than they are apart. :) Thank *you* for sharing so much with all of us.

    And while we're at it, a big BIG thank you to all of the fellow bloggers. I agree with Darshit that regardless of how we like our Hindi films, our undying love for them unites us in a special way, and that alone is plenty to be grateful for.


  9. Oh my goodness, I feel like you just gave ME a birthday present when I should be giving one to you(r blog). :-D Happy happy day!

  10. Happy bday Dunkdaft! and Congratulations Darshit...
    A commendable job I must say... 5 years :O big duration but I am sure you must have enjoyed it to the core... And thanks a lot for introducing me to so many bloggers by your post :)

    Keep Blogging


  11. You are always so sweet!!! Thanks for the shoutout and love :)

    Happy Birthday to your blog!!!

    NO wonder I sent you a present recently :)

  12. Darshit, what a heartfelt post... maza aa gaya. A happy birthday to Dunkdaft and wishing many more. Loved the post and specially the links to all the blogs. Thanks for linking up mine, I feel honored.

    It is reading posts like these that truly make my day. So full of positivity and respect and love. Thanks! :)

  13. Wow ! Comments ki Barsaat !!

    Love you all. Love your comments as always. Thanks for the wishes & Love.

    and as Sita ji has put... Jai DunkDaft !!! :D

  14. Dunkdaft is FIVE?! Makes your blog a very big boy, indeed! I've learnt so many new things from Movies Music and Me, especially about new music - a subject that I am very ignorant about. Here's hoping there's many many more years of blogging ahead of you and many more such anniversaries for MMM. :-) And thanks so much for the shout out. OiG is very proud to be listed here.

  15. happy birthday to your blog!

  16. yes, Bollyviewer
    dunkdaft is five, abhi toh woh cycle chalana sikh raha hai :P Glad u learnt things from my little blog. Your blog deserves to be here naa.

    Thanks and welcome to my blog.

  17. Darshit!! Sorry I'm so late to the party but HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!!!

    I hope everybody saved me some cake. :)


  18. Aah, I always keep some cake in my 'cake vault' filmi girl so you're not late :D thanks for wishes.

  19. Hi buddy u are doing the right job. I love u.best of luck for ur pathsaala. Good night


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