Aatma : Movie Review

Starting off on a very positive note, Aatma promises a goose-bumpy ride ahead. But soon, you realize that there is hardly anything there in the script to keep you hooked to. That intense feeling, is missing. The moments that shocks you to the toe, are few are far between. Director Suparn Verma's first horror outing, is sleek though. There are no hiccups on technical side, neither on deja vu. Everything seems pretty 'in the place' with no typical make-ups or characters. And, phew, no songs, apart from a brilliant lullaby as opening credits.

Performances are definitely a plus point. After all, you have an experienced 'horror' star - Bipasha ;) and Nawaz on board. But the supporting cast leaves no mark despite of having Shernaz Patel, Darshan Jariwala and Jaideep Ahlawat on board. The girl, Doyel Dhawan looks pretty and acts her part as she should. (except the giggles which, towards the end of the movie, starts to annoy you).

Thankfully, the apart from few goosebump moments, the best part of Aatma is its length. At 95 minutes flat, it doesn't harm you while watching it (if you are watching the discounted morning shows). Being a fan of the genre, this pretty disappointed me (no Chudail, no Aghori baba, no back story that dates to 50yrs back) sigh. On a serious note, Aatma has that potential to make a decent (!) horror flick, but lack of tension in script kills it. Can definitely bet on Suparn's next one, if he is making. Surely look forward to his another horror outing. 

My rating : 2.5 / 5

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