Kai Po Che : Music Review

Opening with calm strings fused with sound of Esraj (or sarangi?), Manjha takes flight gradually, just like a kite. And soars high in the sky after 1:56. Inspiring words penned by Swanand Kirkire shines throught the track. And Amit, aah, Amit. When you sing we just want to hear. And hear and shout and sing all along.

Raas-Garba. There is so little scope when one has to create a song around it. But when Amit creates it - you better watch out. Previously Dhak Dhuk had that touch. And now, here is a full on Raas-Garba tune. With unimaginable mix of Shehnai with bagpipes, Shubhaarambh is hell addictive with the thumps of dhol. Divy Kumar and Shruti Pathak singing hindi and gujarati lines flawlessly, this is going to be big on screen.

Dew drop fresh vocals of Mili Nair welcome you in friendship anthem - Meethi Boliyaan. This soft rock based tune goes 'boom' when Amit enters the scene. Dreamy interludes graduates in heavy strings with 'Ujlaa savera', and you can't help but sing along with it. And the way it concludes, with babyish singing of Mili, oh oh. Why this track is so short?
If Kai Po Che, has just 3 tracks, that is the most unfair thing. Amit Trivedi is in top form and it shows in each string, each stanza. Coupled with lyrics of Kirkire, Trivedi makes you go crazy and go hit the repeat button again and again.

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  1. Anonymous23:36

    superb songs and 3 is very short one comparing to dev d

  2. The music was really awesome. Heard such fantastic music after very long time.


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