El Orfanato [Spanish]

Generally, I do not come out of my Bollywood shell and watch movies of different languages other than English. But nowadays, things are changing and I am getting nice suggestions for movies to see. On suggestion of Blogger-dost Bhargav Saikia, I watched this Spanish Horror movie called El Orfanato [The Orphanage]. Horror being my one of favorite genre, I obviously like most of them. But this one, I loved.

Movie is about Laura [Belen Rueda] who grew up in an orphanage, returns to that place and plans to reopen it for disabled children. After few days, his son Simon claims that he met a boy named Tomas in a cave near sea shore. Things take complete U Turn when Simon goes missing during a kids party, and shocking revelations about the orphanage keeps coming up when Laura starts searching for his boy when police fails.

Directed by J. A. Bayona, the movie has pretty minimalistic look. It doesn't have creepy sounds, music or loud faces and acts. It glides smoothly and at the same time, it makes you go goosebumps with its spooks. Shot around sea, old orphanage, an old lighthouse and a cave, the locations themselves serves perfect for a horror movie. Scenes like, the first time Simon goes into the cave or the game of Hide 'n seek Laura plays, are heart stopping.

Performance are so natural and wonderful. Central character of Laura played by Belen Rueda, is excellent. Her bonding with adopted son Simon, looks so natural and that's why the final twist gives shock to the viewer at the same time has emotional angle too. As a reviewer-Bill Goodykoontz had quoted (here) "The Orphanage (El Orfanato) is the rare horror film that breaks your heart even as it makes it race"

Must see for the fans of Horror genre.


  1. It's good to come out of the shell of Indian cinema ocassionally. Before I started watching Indian films, I mostly watch European movies. Lots of great works!

  2. Would love to get suggestions from you. Soniaji. I watch movies except Bollywood too. But suggestions work far better as reviews of them are always contradicting.

  3. I guess it's hard to rely on reviews. To catch the potentially good movies, I usually keep track of the big film festivals. I also follow the works of some directors that I like.

  4. It's interesting that you should post on a Spanish film, as I very recently decided that I need to branch out to watch this very country's cinema. Because my curiousity branched from seeing a very sexy Javier Barden in a Woody Allen movie is besides the point.

    How fitting that you'd chose a horror film to start with! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

  5. Oh I love horror films too! I shall look for this movie and comment back once I've watched it :)

  6. shell
    Well don't know much about Javier Barden. But surely, i look forward to spanish cinema. Its really different. You should watch this one.

    Humm.. let me know you liked it or not.


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