Kambakkht Ishq : Music Review

After an underrated soundtrack of Lovestory2050; here comes yet another big outing of Anu Malik. Though Lovestory was a disaster, I 'actually' liked songs from the movie. [am I in the minority?] The music was perfect for 'futuristic' feel. And here, in Kambakkht Ishq, the theme/feel is Wacky, Akki kinda fun. So Anu here gives more peppy, pop corn kinda music.
Kicking off with a track composed/sung by RDB, 'Om Mangalam' - the album promises a fun outing ahead. Sanskrit chant mixed along with word Kambakht Ishq makes it an addictive listen.  Its a track you just can't resist but to play LOUD. Really Loud. The lines 'u'r my baby u drivin' me crazy' sticks to ur mind long after. Next track 'Lakh Lakh' is a song for 'eve teasing' :P. Well, just like many bolly songs about teasing/chasing a girl, this one is another addition. Regular Akki voice, Neeraj Shridhar does the honor of singing the track. And with Punjabi flavor, this one is an average song yet a foot tapping number.

What makes a perfect composer/singer combo? Definitely Alisha+Anu. Despite clashes between them, they are now coming with songs together. And this time for 'Bebo' Kareena, the song is titled 'Bebo' itself. And typical 90's pop style song sung by Alisha Chinoy, makes it special.

Again next track, disappoints. The title track, where I was expecting something solid. Cause the word 'Kambakht ishq' derived from similar Dhamakedar song from Pyar Tune Kya kiya. So one has to break that. But here in the track 'Kambakht Ishq' its just a regular fare. Sung by KK and Sunidhi Chauhan [u were far better in New York, girl] the song is Nothing much special. But yes, Lyrics are quite fun. Must be good on screen.

Then, some soothing sound comes out of the speakers. Smooth piano sound makes a good start to 'Kyun' sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan. A simple love song reminds me of 'Baahon Mein Chale Aao'. Because of the tch..tch..tch...sound. The song repeats as a solo version by Shreya. Nice track after such fast tracks earlier.

Album has 4 remixes of all fast tracks mentioned earlier. All are just normal remix, nothing special to write about. But album concludes with a cool track composed by guest composers Aaum and Sulaiman Merchant. Welcome to Hollywood sung by Karsh Kale and Anushka Manchanda. Its kinda theme for the movie and must be played throughout. Good one.

So there, one of the most anticipated movie has an above average score. Which is full on fun, but hardly any tracks are there that we can remember after a few days. But thats okay for a fun movie. Where songs are required for - ofcourse - fun. Nothing else.

My Rating : 3 / 5
My Top Picks : Om Mangalam & Kyun.


  1. Shoot, I haven't even listened to Love Story 2050 yet either!

  2. I liked Love Story 2050 too! I actually like Anu Malik's music..reminds me of my childhood obsession with movies! :D

    That Bebo song is addictive..Malik and Chinoi make a great combo, as you've mentioned. I really hope that Alisha Chinoi releases a solo album soon.

    Kambakkth Ishq has good commercial music!

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  4. Nicki

    Hah, you need to catch up, girl. Bolly is moving very fast now LOL. :)


    Exactly. We all grew up listening Anu Malik's tracks, whether original or not. And same with Alisha's pvt albums. I also am looking forward to her album.

    Thanks for the info. And welcome to my blog. I didn't know much abt the movie. And Aftab is there too??

  5. Anonymous11:09

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  6. Kambakkht ishq tracks are funky groovy and entertaining!! Love it!!

  7. Ankit10:10

    Gimme a break .. you gave 3/5 both for Kambakkht ishq and Love aaj kal..

    I mean the music of kambakkht ishq sux big time and is nowhere near love aaj kal...

    I have never heard such and intolerable title track .. The reviewer needs a check..

  8. Anonymous
    Thanks for the info, and visiting my blog.

    Welcome to my blog. Yes, the tracks are good to groove around. For a fun movie, they are very suitable.

    I knew someone would notice this. But actually what made me give Love Aaj Kal give 3 stars, was expectations. It didn't match my expectations and naturally we could obviously want more from Imtiaz Ali after superb soundtracks in past.

    By far in Kambakkht, I wasn't expecting much good at all. And for a fun movie, the soundtrack is quite okay.

    Thanks for your visit. Hoping to see more of you in future.

  9. I'm with you on Kambakht Ishq (or however they're spelling) v Love Aaj Kal. I like the former much more, and it has little to do with expectations, because I didn't have any of either.

    I must admit the title track is my favorite from the album :) Also like 'Welcome to Hollywood', but I might be biased because of where I live ;) For that alone, I'm really looking forward to the film, as masaledar and nonsensical as it will be, LOL.

  10. theBollywoodFan
    Indeed, I was blank for Kambakkht, so enjoyed it as a shallow soundtrack. But Love aaj...was naturally highly expected to be good.

    LoL. I can imagine you grooving while walking through Walk of Fame :P And yeah, we Indians love everything 'Masaledar', don't we?? ;)

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  12. brandx

    Thanks for your kind information. Thanks for stopping by blog too. do visit again :)

  13. Sarah10:45

    I'm SO GLAD there's another person out there who enjoyed LS 2050. IMO it was one of the best albums of 2008 that was vastly ignored, because well, it wasn't composed by ARR. It seems anything that is credited with Anu Malik or anyone else for that matter can't "compose a good soundtrack" which is bullshit!!

    As for your review, I agree with it completely. I had little expectations and it's enjoyable soundtrack. 3/5 is my rating aswell

  14. Sarah
    Hi and welcome to my blog. Yes, thats true about LS2050. I still listen to the songs. And went ignored by Rahman wave. KI has some nice songs which are fun to listen. Thanks for your comment.


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